A daring photographer has risked detention to smuggle a series of stunning images of North Korea out of the secretive state.

Michal Huniewicz captured the photographs he knew Kim Jong-un would not want you to see during a trip to the country, before sneaking them out on hidden memory cards.

Unlike the polished photographs peddled by the state-run news agency, Mr Huniewicz’s images give a raw insight into a poverty-ridden country controlled by a dictator.
He went to North Korea from China last year and travelled with a tour guide – one of the conditions of being allowed a visit.

Mr Huniewicz evaded his minder’s watchful eye to take these photographs, which give a unique glimpse into North Koreans’ everyday lives.

Some are pictured working in the fields, while others are seen working in the squeaky-clean capital, Pyongyang.

In one image, street cleaners sweep pavements under the watchful eye of a soldier in one of Pyongyang’s parks, and others reveal waitresses working in restaurants where propaganda images are broadcast around the clock on television.

A photograph of a customs form reveals what cannot be brought into the country. Mr Huniewicz revealed laptops are searched for the Hollywood film The Interview, a comedy about Kim Jong-un, which is banned in North Korea.

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North Korea - the keen eye of a Pyongyang soldier
Watchful eye: Street cleaners sweep pavements for dust under the keen eye of a soldier in one of the parks in the capital city, Pyongyang
North Korea - Propaganda
Propaganda: A waitress works in a restaurant in North Korea where propaganda images are broadcast on television around the clock
North Korea -countryside
Rural: Locals watch and wait for a train to pass, providing Michal with a few seconds to snap this image of life in North Korea‘s countryside
North Korea Everyday life
Everyday life: A mother carrying a baby walks alongside other women and children in the streets in this picture taken by Michael Huniewicz
North Korea Risky
Risky: Michal captured the photos, including this one of North Koreans travelling in a bus, before smuggling them out of the country
North Korea workers
Unseen: Dressed in identical brown uniforms and matching yellow hard hats, North Korean workers carry their equipment on a main road
North Korea Checks
Checks: Michal took this photo of a customs declaration form revealing the items banned from being brought into the country. Laptops were searched for any controversial content, including Korean films, pornography and even guide books
North Korea Entry point
Entry point: Dandong station, one of the only entry points into North Korea for foreign tourists, was deserted when Michal was there
North Korea Deceiving
Deceiving? A staged scene appeared to be playing out at Pyongyang’s main station, with passengers happily milling around despite an apparent lack of any other departing trains
North Korea realistic side to the city
While much of North Korea‘s main city seemed spotlessly clean, this photo reflects a more realistic side to the city life for many residents
North Korea soldiers
Images of North Korean soldiers was a particularly risky subject matter although these two fighters appear too deep in discussion to be bothered by the covert snapper

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