Celebrity chef Saransh Goila has eaten his way through India. And he’s willing to share a few kitchen secrets.

Celebrity chef Saransh Goila doesn’t just love eating. The India On My Platter author has travelled across the country, risking his taste buds in search of street food worth writing about. Which is exactly what he’s done in this shortlist of the best dishes across the sub-continent. Here’s where Goila goes when the kulcha cravings kick in. These are 20 best indian street foods you shoudl try.

1. Locho, Surat


The comfort food legend goes that a chef once accidentally added extra water to khaman batter making the gram flour and chana dal mixture extra soft. The cook served up his ‘locha’ (mistake) seasoned with spices. Proving that when it comes to farsan, the Gujarati can do no wrong.

Where to kill your craving: Gopal Locho Khaman House, Hira Bazaar

2. Poha Jalebi, Indore


Textures and flavours in perfect contrast, who doesn’t love fluffy poha with a side of crunchy syrup-soaked goodness.

Where to kill your craving: Chappan Dukaan

3. Misal Pav, Pune


Pune takes its misal very seriously, so much so that there’s a website advising you where to get your fill on the city’s best. Everyone can agree though, here is where you need to soak your pav:

Where to kill your craving: Ramnath Misal, Tilak Road

4. Vada Pav, Mumbai


Carbs on carbs with garlicky goodness, vada pav is everything right with Mumbai.

Where to kill your craving: Anand Vada Pav, Vile Parle (west)

5. Chole Bhature, Delhi


For chole that packs a punch like a rowdy Delhi boy after a few drinks.

Where to kill your craving: Meghraj, Ashok Vihar

6. Gujarati thali, Ahmedabad


A food party on a steel platter of Gatsby-eque proportions.

Where to kill your craving: Toran, Ashram Road

7. Fish curry rice, Goa


Seriously, if Goa had a mascot, it would be a bowl of fish curry served with the fluffiest white rice.

Where to kill your craving: Anand Ashram, Panjim

8. Kulcha, Amritsar


You’ll want to wrap yourself up in a kulcha blanket and hybernate through winter.

Where to kill your craving: All India Famous Kulcha Wala, Maqbool road

9. Laal Maas, Udaipur


Mutton and masala is the recipe for happiness.

Where to kill your craving: Ambrai restaurant

10. Rusk, Dehradun


Nothing complements your cutting chai better.

Where to kill your craving: Ellora’s Bakery

11. Pyaz Kachodi, Jaipur


The onion ring’s exotic Indian cousin who everyone wants to take home.

Where to kill your craving: Rawat Misthan Bhandar

12. Kuzhi Paniyaram, Chennai


Paddu, appe, guliappa, gulittu, gundponglu, ponganalu. Doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s delcious.

Where to kill your craving: T Nagar

13. Litti Chokha, Patna


Ghee-ve us more.

Where to kill your craving: Mayura Lok Complex

14. Rogan Josh, Srinagar


Sure the Taj Mahal is great, but the Mughals outdid themselves with this one.

Where to kill your craving: Ahdoos Hotel

15. Momo, Sikkim (Gangtok)


Steamed, fried, stuffed with gooey cheese or spicy pork, we’re not biased when it comes to these dumplings.

Where to kill your craving: Roll House, MG Road

16. Thukpa, Leh

thukpa-noodle-soup-in leh-best-street-food-in-india

Noodle soup for the soul. Just ask a monk.

Where to kill your craving: Tibetan Kitchen

17. Butter Chicken, Ludhiana


If it’s on the menu, it’s on the table.

Where to kill your craving: Sonu’s Kitchen

18. Biryani, Hyderabad


Biryani is the rice equivalent of love.

Where to kill your craving: Café Bahar, Basheer Bagh

19. Petha, Agra


Your sweet tooth can thank us later.

Where to kill your craving: Panchi Petha

20. Kachori, Benares


The deep-fried stuffed pastry is the kind of gold that should be backing money.

Where to kill your craving: Jawahri ki Kachori