Spa Resorts

The best spa hotels offer the relaxation of any vacation, plus a little something more: massage, anyone? With services that range from aromatherapy steam rooms to Swedish saunas, all-natural scrubs to mineral baths, the best spas offer a variety of ways to relax and renew. Living + Nomads’s far flung editors and writers seek out the best spas from around the world, from the invigorating banyas of Russia to the New Age Zen of New Mexico.

Spa Weekends

For spa-goers interested in only a weekend visit, look to nearby urban centers (whether that’s Las Vegas or Paris, Aspen or Bangkok) or—for those willing to hop in a plane, train, or car—destination spas farther afield. Whether traveling near or far, hotels with spas are the best bet for the most relaxing experience. If you only have a few days, cut out the extra worry and treat yourself.

Spa Resorts

Spa resorts offer travelers a full-service chance at escape. With many spa resorts located in exceptional locations many already want to travel to, they offer visitors looking to relax the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. (You always wanted to visit the Bahamas? But you’re also looking to recharge? Accomplish both on the same trip.) Resort guests also often receive preferential treatment when it comes to booking spa treatments. In addition, resorts are often much bigger than just their spas. For those traveling with family or friends, activities are often available for guests of all stripes. Looking for a relaxing weekend away? A restorative massage somewhere close to home? Or an extended trip to reassess and rebalance? L+N is here to help, with information on the newest spas, latest news, and best values—whether budget or deluxe.

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