Jeju Island, South Korea, the resort paradise and also the place chosen to enjoy the honeymoon of couples. Jeju has always been a peaceful atmosphere, peaceful scenery. However, the bustling, vibrant, hidden nightlife is still present in lively bars and pubs with a very Jeju look, very different from bars that are simply noisy. So if there’s a little something new, it’s worth looking forward to the places I’ll introduce shortly. So, are you finding a spot for hanging out and what to do in Jeju at night? Let’s check out Jeju nightlife (Jeju night life) with our suggested 11 best bars in Jeju including Jeju foreigner bars and other things to do in Jeju at night as follows!

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Vibrant at night at City Hall Area of Jeju. Jeju Island is known for its peaceful, quiet looks, rarely known as a party destination. But in the heart of Jeju city, if you still want to, Jeju also has to offer some bustling and exciting things waiting for you!
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Dancing with idols | things to do at night in jeju
| jeju nightlife

All these attractions attract many tourists to this place. Referring to Jeju Island, every visitor often thinks of a peaceful life surrounded by wonderful nature. Rarely do anyone think of this place as a place for exciting fun. However, the nightlife on this island is also extremely bustling in the space of great bars. Let’s find out those top Jeju bars right in this article!

Jeju nightlife: Indie

| jeju nightlife

Compared to other night bars on the list, you will find this Indie bar nothing attractive from the outside. However, for connoisseurs of Jeju Island, this is an extremely fascinating place with lively music. Coming to Indie, all customers can live in a space filled with music. The tunes played in the bar are mainly heavy rock and metal rock. Besides, this venue is also a place for traditional music performances and unique interactive visual arts.

| jeju nightlife
| jeju nightlife

True to its name of the “Indie” bar, with a timid, modest and nothing special appearance, but when you step inside, you are lost in a world of strange things, from music to the people here, the hot spot for live music in the city.

Indie bars are a great place to experience Korean music. You can also dance, immerse yourself in the music and enjoy the “fussy” guests art space that Indie brings.
| jeju nightlife

Address: No. 301 1189-11 beon-gil, Block B, Ido 2-dong, Jeju-do Jeju-si, South Korea
Contact phone number: +82 107 129 0141
Operating hours: Monday to Saturday: 8:00 pm to 2:00 am

What to do in Jeju at night: Magpie Jeju

Crafted beer at Magpie factory in Jeju | jeju nightlife

Magpie or Magpie Brewing Co. is a famous brand that started in the center of Itaewon district of ​​Seoul city. Seeing great potential in Jeju Island, Magpie opened a branch here in 2016. The bar’s beers are brewed in a craft production line in Hocheon-dong and have a liquor store there. All products are brought to Jeju to serve the needs of customers. The Magpie Company focuses on local ingredients and creates new flavors. Therefore, you will be surprised to enjoy their products for yourself.

Nice photography background, Magpie’s icon | jeju nightlife

Following its success, Magpie opened another brewery in Jeju to create more new drinks. Among these experiments, island specialties such as tangerine or pepper are researched to create new flavors. Besides, they also have delectable dishes such as pizza and fried chicken to make the beer more delicious. Magpie Jeju Bar is definitely a destination that brings many surprises for you.

Beer combined with accompanying pizza. If you love beer, then this place is exactly for you. The bar also serves dishes such as pizza, fried chicken, which are perfect to pair with draught beer. | jeju nightlife
A wide range of crafted beers | jeju foreigner bars

| jeju foreigner bars
Live music performance

Address: No. 3 Tapdong-ro 2-gil , Jeju-do Jeju-si, 63165, South Korea
Contact phone number: +82 64 720 8227
Operating hours: All days of the week: 05:00 pm to 01:00 am

Jeju foreigner bars: The Factory

| jeju foreigner bars

One of the most famous bars in Jeju city on Jeju Island that you must try is The Factory. Here, every customer is immersed in an extremely lively live music space. The theme of this bar was inspired by Andy Warhol’s studio and bar of the same name. You will immediately recognize this address when you see the extremely impressive Warhol banana image right from the entrance.

The Factory is a live music bar in the City Hall district, Jeju. Inspired by Andy Warhol’s famous studio of the same name (notice the Warhol banana logo at the entrance). | jeju foreigner bars

The bar owner Myoung-ae hatched the idea of ​​giving Jeju a wonderfully creative venue. She wishes people could come to this place to fully immerse themselves in music and art. That wish came true when Myoung-ae opened The Factory in 2007. Myoung-ae, opened the bar with the desire to create a free creative space on Jeju Island, where art and music go up together, the artist’s creativity, inspiration is not controlled by anything, true to the inherent nature of art, is her feelings, passion and the way she conveys the message about art makes her very famous in Jeju. Especially during the weekends, you will not be able to imagine how crowded the number of guests is.

There is a wide range of beers and wines to suit your own taste | jeju foreigner bars

Address: No. 1180-1 Ido 2-dong, Jeju-do Jeju-si, South Korea
Contact phone number: +82 70 766 69525
Operating hours: All days of the week: 7:00 pm to 2:00 am

Things to do in Jeju at night: Jespi

| jeju foreigner bars

Jepsi is also one of the widely known bars on the island for its craft beer with unmistakable taste. At this bar, customers can choose from five different flavors for their beer, from pale lager (beer with low alcohol) to strong ale (high alcohol content). The famous Jespi name is now even more famous when it was introduced by the TV show Gourmet Road. The best thing about enjoying beer in this bar is their great promotion: customers who buy three beers will get one for free. It’s really great, isn’t it!

| jeju foreigner bars

Address: No. 44, Sindae-ro 16-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea
Operating hours: All days of the week from 04:00 pm to 01:00 am

Jeju Aroma Dome Night Club

| jeju foreigner bars

One of the best bars in Jeju for all customers to “play” to their fullest in Jeju City is the Aroma Dome Night Club. This night club is one of the largest ones in the area. Inside Jeju Aroma Dome Night Club, there is a colorful dance floor and speakers that emit extremely lively sound. All customers coming to this place are immersed in the bustling and youthful atmosphere. We’re sure you’ll enjoy living to the fullest in the tunes and dance moves as well as bustling atmosphere here.

| what to do in jeju at night
| what to do in jeju at night
Super fancy decoration
| what to do in jeju at night

Address: No. 8, Yeondong 10-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea
Contact phone number: 064 746 7400
Operating hours: All days of the week: 07:00 pm to 05:00 am

Things to do in Jeju at night: Goofy Foot

| what to do in jeju at night

If you are looking for a surf bar to sit and relax, Goofy Foot will definitely be a good choice. This is one of Jeju foreigner bars, it is one of the extremely suitable venues for foreign tourists in Jeju. The music here is usually the extreme pop and rock genres. The interior is designed to be eye-catching, making you just want to sit back in the chair and relax.

Goofy Foot is a “enjoy” style bar that is not too loud, not too loud music, this place is suitable for drinking and talking. Goofy Foot is more popular with foreigners, the prices are reasonable, the atmosphere is very open. | what to do in jeju at night
| jeju night life

Besides, the bar also has a pool table and darts boards for you to have fun and show off your talents. It is the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere of this place that makes every customer enjoy chill-out with quality glasses of drinks. In terms of price, all drinks in Goofy Foot are very affordable from American spirits to Korean craft beer.

Address: No.11 Gwangyang 10-gil, Idoi-dong, Jeju-do Jeju-si, South Korea
Contact phone number: +82 70 417 74173
Operating hours: Monday to Saturday: 06:30 pm to 03:00 am

Nilmori Dong Dong

Nilmorri Dong Dong’s location is relatively far from the city center as it is located along the coast close to Jeju airport. However, if you have a lot of free time, this is definitely one of the destinations worth experiencing. This bar is not merely a place for you to enjoy glasses of wine, alcoholic beverages, spirits in live music. This place is a mix of both a coffee shop and a unique art gallery. At Nilmori Dong Dong, you have the opportunity to enjoy food in the wonderful natural setting of Jeju.

| jeju night life
Nilmori Dong Dong is a bit far from the center, it’s closer to Jeju airport, but that’s okay, Jeju is very beautiful while riding and enjoy the great views.
The special thing of Nilmori Dong Dong is that the shop is a combination of bar and cafe, as well as an exhibition and art space. | jeju night life
| jeju night life

With a favorable natural location right on the coast, the scene that appears before your eyes is a clear blue beach with gentle white sand. This place is often chosen by tourists to visit at the end of the day to watch the wonderful sunset. Besides craft beer or spirits, we also have the famous Hallasan Bingsu at this place. The dessert is inspired by the famous mountain on the island called Hallasan with the lava made from sweet and smooth red beans.

About the food at the restaurant, I suggest you try Hallasan Bingsu, named after the famous volcano Hallasan on the island, the red bean topping represents the erupting of lava. | things to do in jeju at night
| things to do in jeju at night

Address: No. 452 Seohaean-ro, Jeju-do Jeju-si, South Korea
Contact phone number: +82 64 745 5008
Operating hours: All days of the week: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

Soul Factory

What attracts customers when coming to Soul Factory is the comfortable and youthful atmosphere. This bar has a bollard table and darts signs in the enjoyment area. Here, you will be immersed in the vibrant modern disco and K-pop music atmosphere. If those tunes haven’t made you feel explosive yet, unlimited beers certainly will. Just pay 10,000 won/person, each customer will drink as much as possible!

| things to do in jeju at night

Address: No. 133, Noyeon-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea
Contact phone number: 010 2473 6426

Things to do in Jeju at night: Jack 501

| things to do in jeju at night

Jack 501 is one of the extremely attractive places for young people in the city. Here, you can choose from a variety of drinks to delicious food. In terms of drinks, customers have cocktails, beer, brandy, vodka and single-malt. Besides, Jack 501’s dishes will satisfy any hungry stomachs from Spanish pizza to traditional Korean bread.

Address: No. 38, Yeondong 7-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea
Contact phone number: 064 748 9980

Jeju foreigner bars: Led Zeppelin

The last bar on this list is Led Zeppelin – a vinyl style bar. Coming to this place, every customer has the opportunity to enjoy any music to their liking. From songs of the 1960s to modern times, Led Zeppelin has something to satisfy you. All you need is to ask for the name of your favorite song for the waiter to find and play on the speakers with live sound. Besides, this bar also regularly invites bands to play live on special occasions (usually on weekends). Here, you will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of glasses of wine and beer in the menu of the bar. Pair it with appetizers like dried fish and crispy nachos for extra deliciousness. These dishes and drinks have a unique blend of Mexican and Korean styles.

| things to do in jeju at night

Led Zeppelin is a lively bar where you can order any song from the 1960s to the present day. Whatever genre you like, if they have it, they’ll play it to your style. Occasionally, the bar will invite live bands to play (mainly on weekends). The snacks here are usually dry food, nachos to sip with beer, wine, suitable meeting place if you go out with friends.

On weekends, the bar often has lively live music | things to do in jeju at night

Address: No. 272-11 Yeon-dong, Jeju-do Jeju-si, South Korea
Contact phone number: +82 707 719 2291
Operating hours: Monday to Saturday: 6:00 pm to 2:00 am

Jeju nightlife: B.Turn

B.Turn is one of the great bars for an evening drink due to its huge selection of bottled of a various beers as well as spirits. Unlike a typical pub, instead you choose the beer you want to drink from the refrigerator and pay for it later. There are many branches across Jeju Island, although the one in Yeondong is particularly remarkable due to its huge outdoor patio, making it the perfect place for a drink on a warm evening but the brand in Jeju City Hall is also worth visit.

| things to do in jeju at night

| things to do in jeju at night

Jeju City Hall branch
Location: 12, Gwangyang 10-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea (제주시 광양10길 12)
Call : 064-702-4254

Although not as bustling and vibrant as Seoul or Busan, Jeju still has places for young people, foreigner. You can absolutely go to these best bars to enjoy Jeju nightlife that we introduce in the list to find a completely different atmosphere. Besides, there are many attractive things waiting for you in your journey to discover this paradise island. Please continue to follow Living Nomads’s other articles to find more useful experiences for yourself!

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