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Don’t ask me why I felt difficulty in breathing and was overwhelmed when I got to Iceland. When the majestic, spectacular natural scenery just waits for me to be defenseless, then suddenly it choked my windpipe. Mountains of all shapes and sizes, whether volcanoes or mountains formed from glaciers, lakes stretching to the horizon, lava fields, waterfalls with the adjectives of “beautiful” or “breathtaking” or “astonishing” also cannot be described its beauty or the color of the sunset suffocates the viewer’s heart. Luckily, I had these experiences on the Golden Circle Iceland route. So how much is the Golden Circle tour in Iceland if you take a tour or self-driving if you rent a car? Let’s check out our Golden Circle Iceland blog to discover the spectacular, majestic nature of Iceland on this Golden Circle Iceland route as well as the detailed of route map, itinerary, stops to clear the answer!

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Golden Circle Iceland blog: Overview of the Golden Circle Iceland Route

Today, I had the opportunity to experience the Golden Circle route in Iceland – a classic route for any traveler who come to Iceland. Because the route is extremely convenient to explore (due to it located near the capital Reykjavik), so whether you decide to rent a car to self-drive or take a land tour, this will be a great stepping stone to admire the magnificent scenery of Iceland.

Golden Circle Iceland Map

Looking at the map above, it is easy to imagine that this route forms a perfect circle, which is very convenient to travel and equally overwhelming. If you want to fully explore this Golden Circle Iceland itinerary, you should spend from 8 to 10 hours to conquering it.

Golden Circle Iceland blog: What you need to prepare for the Golden Circle Iceland itinerary

What to bring

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  • Warmers items
  • Swimwear and towels for bathing at Secret Lagoon
  • Waterproof and good grip shoes
  • Drinks and snacks

For those who choose a land tour

  • If you traveling alone or in a small group of 2-3 people, I recommend choosing this type of transportation because the cost is not too high (if compared with the standard of living in Iceland in general, do not compare with prices in Vietnam).
  • I went in a group of 3 people, so we chose the land tour of Gateway to Iceland, good service and on time, they will pick you up at the pre-arranged hotel.
  • The cost for the Golden Circle Tour is 12,800 krona, about $1,480.67.
  • Another small note is that the tour does not include lunch, so you will have to pay for this.
  • You can absolutely go with peace in mind and rest assured when taking a land tour because Iceland’s roads and weather are extremely unpredictable, during my trip for 7 days then in 5 days, I saw many cars flipping and having many accidents.

For car hirers (self-driving)

  • Having an international driver’s license, of course.
  • Insurance for the vehicle and for the members is mandatory.
  • Should go if the group is enough 4 people.
  • Car rental from 10,300 krona ($1,191.48).
  • You should consult more about driving experience in Iceland on forums like Tripadvisors because Iceland has beautiful roads, but its weather is erratic, there can be ice on the road and there are many dangers if you are not used to driving.

Golden Circle Iceland stops on the route

Geyser column

You will experience the beauty of fire and ice in Iceland. And here are the main stops on this route:

  • Thingvellir National Park
  • Secret Lagoon
  • Gullfoss falls
  • Geysir water column

Watching dawn in Thingvellir National Park

Thingvellir/Þingvellir (correctly in Icelandic) is a national park in southwestern Iceland, about 40 km to the northeast of Reykjavík. Þingvellir is a significant site of historical, cultural and geological and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iceland. The national park is located in a valley separating the boundary between North American and Eurasian plate tectonics (ridges). To the south of Þingvellir is Þingvallavatn (Thingvallavatn), the largest natural lake in Iceland.

The dawn here has an indescribable color. If you go in winter, you will witness purple mixed with orange because the late sunrise creates a breathtaking scene in Þingvellir.

Address: Thingvellir, 801 Selfoss, Iceland
Hours: 24 hours
Area: 9,270 ha (35.8 sq mi)
Established: 1930
UNESCO Site Id: 1152

Immerse yourself in the Secret Lagoon

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The Secret Lagoon Hot Springs is located in the small village of Fludir and in the Golden Circle region. The natural environment of the pool and the steam rising in the air give you a magical feeling. The water is warm at 38-40 degrees Celsius all year round. The lagoon water source comes from the nearby natural hot spring source and flows into the lagoon for visitors to bathe. The feeling of walking from the clothes changing room to the lagoon was a feeling of howling because it was winter, so it was extremely cold.


The ticket per person is 2,800 ISK. If you forget your towel or swimsuit, you can still rent it here. Opening hours is from 10AM to 10PM.

Address: Hvammsvegur, Flúðir, Iceland

Overwhelming with Gullfoss Falls & Geyser Water Column

Gullfoss is the most magnificent, majestic, spectacular falls in Iceland with a height of 32 m. It is a waterfall that large enough to make you faint about the majesty of the flows of water rushing down at average of flow rate: 140 m3/s. This place was once planned to exploit hydroelectricity, but later the owner gave full ownership to the Icelandic government to preserve the landscape here.

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When you come here, you should have lunch because this is the most convenient place on the Golden Circle route with a convenient restaurant.

Geysir (Geyser) water column, located near Gulfoss falls is also an interesting place to visit. The water is spouted every 5 minutes, extremely impressive, it showing the great power of Mother nature. This place is also an iconic image when it comes to Ice Island, where we see the breath of fire on the land of ice.

Geysir Hot Springs
Geysir Hot Springs
The power of water and fire in Geysir
The power of water and fire in Geysir | golden circle iceland blog

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