Sanxia Old Street

Taiwan Island is an attractive destination of Asia. Whether you like beautiful nature, good food, truly Chinese culture, traditional or modern architecture, the old and the new mixing, Taiwan is right for you. And I like all of the above, I also like the other one, which is the cost of a trip to Taiwan is quite cheap, so take advantage of a few holidays, me and my friend had a trip to this island nation, wonderful and affordable. How many days in Taipei is enough? I think 5 days in Taipei is enough. If you have time you can spend 6 days or 7 days or 10 days or 11 days in Taiwan or even 3 days if your time is tight. So, what to do in Taipei for 5 days and how to spend 5 days 4 nights in Taipei perfectly? Let’s check it out our Taipei itinerary 5 days blog with the suggested Taipei recommended itinerary for 5 days (Taipei travel itinerary 5 days, Taipei trip itinerary 5 days, 5d4n Taipei itinerary) to find out the answer!

taipei 101 at sunset
Stunning sunset over Taipei 101 seen from Xiangshan Mount. | 5 days 4 nights in taipei
The narrow roads, 2 meters wide, consists of granite-covered steps that are unique to the ancient village of Jiufen.
Jiufen Ancient Village | taipei itinerary 5 days blog
Bitou Jiao
Exploring Bitou Cape
Raohe st. night market
Raohe St. Night Market, Taipei | taipei itinerary 5 days blog
Raohe Night Market
Street food in Taipei
taiwan beef noodle soup
Beef noodles, one of the best foods you must try in Taipei

When to go to Taiwan?

In general, Taiwan has beautiful scenery all year round to visit, explore, with only note that in June to August is the typhoon season, so you need to pay attention to ensure safety.

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Taipei travel itinerary 5 days: Transportation

Currently there are many ways to get from Vietnam to Taiwan. I fly from Ho Chi Minh City by Vietjet Air with more than $150/round-trip ticket. In addition, you can refer to tickets of Eva Air, Hahn Air, China Airlines … with ticket prices range from nearly $130-$350/round trip ticket.

9-taiwan-taoyuan-international-airport-tpe-best airports in asia in 2016 by skytrax ratings
Taoyuan Airport

Tips: You can follow facebook and sign up to receive newsletters from airlines to receive promotions. Search at to get the best price for your schedule, then go to the airline’s website to buy tickets directly.

Getting from the airport to Taipei center

From Taoyuan airport to the center of Taipei and vice versa you should take the bus, priced at 125TWD/way, easily to buy at vending machines or at the ticket counter.

Kuo-kuang bus 1819 to Taipei center

Or you can also take the subway to the MRT Taipei Main Station, promotional tickets can be purchased here: Taoyuan Airport MRT Ticket & SIM Card & Exclusive Shopping Coupon

MRT to city center

Alternatively, you can also rent a private car to get to the center. Car rental link right below: [Limited Time Food Promo] Taoyuan Airport Private Transfers (TPE) for Taipei.

I didn’t go to Taipei immediately but went to Sanxia Old Street first, take the 1968 bus took 30 minutes, the ticket price of 75TWD/way was bought at the counter.

Getting around Taipei

Exterior of Taipei Main Station

To getting around Taipei City we buy Easy card to use both subway and bus. When buying a card, you have to deposit amount of 100TWD and then top up to use, when run out of money you can use until minus 40TWD. At the end of the journey, you will be refunded the excess money, and the deposit will be refunded if you buy the card at the subway stations, but if purchased at 7 Eleven, it is not possible, but you will own a nice card to bring back as a souvenir.

Easy to getting around Taiwan by swipe EasyCard.
EasyCard also can use to pay at 7-Eleven

Link to buy EasyCard in advance here: EasyCard (TPE Airport Pick Up).

The subway is extremely convenient, fast and safe, with English guide board, running from 6 am to late night. Note that you are not allowed to eat and drink in the train station area and on the train if you do not want to be fined.

MRT Taipei | taipei travel itinerary 5 days
taipei mrt map
Taipei MRT map

Buses in Taipei are also very clean and covered many routes, cheap, only about 15TWD/trip that allow you seeing the city.

Bus in Taipei
Bus in Taipei | taipei travel itinerary 5 days

Tips: The people of Taiwan are very hospitable, if you need to ask for directions or ask for help, they will enthusiastically guide, so you don’t worry.

5 days 4 nights in Taipei: Where to stay?

You can find hotel in Taipei on or

In Taipei, we book Next Taipei Hostel – Taipei main station ( or, female dorm room, 400m from Taipei main station, 600m from Ximending area is very convenient, shared bathroom, free washing and drying machine, lockers, kitchen, priced at 422TWD/night/bed.

In Keelung, we stay at Yung Feng hotel ( or, 100m from Miaokou night market, Keelung port 400m, Sankeng station 800m, private room with 2 queen beds can stay up to 4 people, private bathroom, priced at 1.580TWD/night.

| taipei travel itinerary 5 days

The accommodation is clean and convenient, the staff are lovely and helpful so we are all satisfied.

Taipei itinerary 5 days — Day 1: Sanxia Old Town, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Elephant Mountain, Raohe night market

The SGN-TPE flight arrives at 5:55am local time. It was raining and quite cold.

The first destination of the 5 days in Taipei itinerary (5d4n Taipei itinerary, Taipei itinerary 5 days, Taipei trip itinerary 5 days) is Sanxia Old Street (三峽老街) read as Sānxiá Lǎojiē, located south of the New Taipei City. Take the 1968 bus from the airport and walk for another 5 minutes, the best preserved neighborhood arcording to my point of view.

Sanxia Old Street

In the past this was a busy marketplace for all kinds of goods. Luckily, I came early, so I could avoid crowded with tourists and the stores were not open, so I could see all the architectural beauty here.

Sanxia Old Street

Sanxia, Yinge Old Town, Taipei, Taiwan
Sanxia, Yinge Old Town, Taipei, Taiwan
Taopinji Ceramic
Taopinji Ceramic

The architecture here blends Baroque, Japanese and Taiwanese styles. The buildings in Taiwan are built with awnings to avoid rain and sun, this is a typical style called Din-a-ka. Sanxia houses are made of very distinctive red bricks. The house’s sign is very typical, such as “The daughter’s wall” is the detail on the roof for decoration, the signboard of the product name as well as the name of the host are placed on the door.

Sanxia Old Street

Sanxia red tiled brick houses in dome architecture
Sanxia red tiled brick houses in dome architecture
The Sanxia croissant brand.
The Sanxia croissant brand.

On the way there are chairs that can rest. The manhole covers are also unique because almost each one is designed by artist, sculptor and politician Li Mei Shu.

He was also the person in charge of the third restoration of Qingshu Zushi Temple (清水祖師) that was built in 1767 during the Qing Dynasty from wood, stone and bronze, worshiping Zushi zen master. Bronze paintings outside the temple gates describe the four great heavenly kings. The temple has 165 stone pillars elaborately carved. At the top celling of the main hall, there are sculptures of symbols symbolizing the stairs to heaven, trapping demons and the sun.

Quingshu Suzhi Temple
Sanxia Qingshui Zushi Temple with unique architecture
Sanxia Qingshui Zushi Temple with unique architecture

Leave Sanxia by taking the bus number 5005 to Yingge Station and take the train to Taipei Main Station to return to the hotel to send my luggage. The next destination is 228 Peace Memorial Park. This is a memorial works to the event 228 in 1947.

How to go: Take the MRT to NTU Hospital station or bus number 15, 22, 220 …

I stumbled across the Taiwan Handicraft Promotion Center, a showroom and selling Taiwanese handmade products. From ceramics, jade, stone, calligraphy, to puppets, gold and silver… all kinds, extremely sophisticated and… extremely expensive, I can only watch with pleasure.

How to go: Take the bus 88, 588 … or walk 400m from 228 Peace Park.

Best shopping place in Taipei Taiwan Handicraft Promotion Center (1)
| where to shop in taipei blog
Best shopping place in Taipei Taiwan Handicraft Promotion Center (1)
Best shopping place in Taipei Taiwan Handicraft Promotion Center (1)
Colorful traditional umbrellas

If you come to Taipei on Sundays, you should visit the Jianguo Holiday Flower and Jade Market, the other days will not open. At the flower market selling all kinds of flowers, ornamental plants, ornaments, gardening tools… and fake flowers. Busy buyers and sellers, lots of strange and very beautiful species. Jade Market is all about sparkling dazzling agate, ruby, quartz … Unfortunately, these things can only be seen with the eyes, not allow to take photos.

Getting there: Take the MRT to Daan Park Pier.

Leave the market and going to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. This is a place to commemorate Sun Yat-sen who gave birth to the Republic of China. Remember to watch the soldiers changing guards every 1 hour.

Getting there: Take the MRT to Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall.

Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall
Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

I went alone so I didn’t go to Taipei 101 but went to Xiangshan (Elephant Mountain) to see the Taipei 101 tower and the whole city. The road to the mountain is not difficult to go, nor too high, but the sunset has come late than my expected, so I almost froze in the mountain because of waiting, the experience is should bring a thin towel to wrap just against the cold, the sun, wind, and against the lack of clothes when going to the temple if you have to wear short. But waiting is not in vain, although the clouds are quite thick but still see the sunset and watch the whole city light up, luckily also see fireworks from above.

How to go: take the MRT to Xiangshan station.

Spectacular sunset

taipei 101-things to do in taipei1

taipei 101-things to do in taipei
| 5 days 4 nights in taipei
Taipei 101 at night
| taipei itinerary 5 days blog

The first day of 5 days 4 nights in taipei (5 days in taipei, 5d4n Taipei itinerary) ends at Raohe night market, one of Taipei’s most famous night markets. The beginning of the market is located at Songshan Ciyou Temple, very vibrant at night. When I got out of the station, I could also watch Taiwanese traditional singing, it was just like Peking opera and just like Vietnamese opera. This 600m long street dense with food stalls and goods, similar to the Old Quarter night market in Hanoi but with a larger scale. I tried donuts, pumpkin juice, fried octopus, tanghulu candy, stewed pork ribs with traditional Chinese herbs, and peppercakes were full and I still wanted to eat more because they were so delicious.

How to go: Take the MRT to Songshan station.

Raohe St. Night Market, Taipei
Raohe St. Night Market, Taipei | 5 days 4 nights in taipei
Grilled squid at Raohe Night Market
Grilled squid street food
Street food in Taipei | 5 days 4 nights in taipei
Grilled king oyster mushrooms in the Raohe Night Market
Grilled king oyster mushrooms | 5d4n taipei itinerary

What to do in Taipei for 5 days? — Day 2: Longshan Temple, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, National Palace Museum, Shilin night market

The second day started early when my friend flew from Japan to Taipei at 3am and was too eager to go out. We have breakfast at a traditional noodle and dumpling shop, which is pointed out by the hostel staff and then visit Longshan Temple.

longshan temple taipei, wanhua, taipei itinerary 4 days blog,taipei recommended itinerary,taipei travel itinerary (1)
Exterior of Longshan Temple | 5d4n taipei itinerary

The temple was built in 1738 (Qing Dynasty, The 3rd year Qianlong Emperor), is now a national monument and an attractive tourist site. Entering the gate of the temple, you will immediately meet Calming Waterfall and Lotus Pond. The temple worshipping a mixture of Buddhist, Taoist, and deities like Mazu and mainly divided into three halls.

longshan temple taipei, wanhua, taipei itinerary 4 days blog,taipei recommended itinerary,taipei travel itinerary (1)
| what to do in taipei for 5 days
longshan temple taipei, wanhua, taipei itinerary 4 days blog,taipei recommended itinerary,taipei travel itinerary (1)
Meditation | 5d4n taipei itinerary

Longshan Temple,taipei

Getting there: Take the MRT to Longshan Temple Station.

Leaving the temple, we went to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall was built in 1976, inaugurated in 1980. The area within the grounds of Zhongzheng Square (Liberty Square) includes the National Theater and Concert Hall and the Memorial Hall. There is also a very unique guard exchange ceremony every hour.

Getting there: Take the MRT to Shandao Temple.

National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall | 5d4n taipei itinerary
National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall,best places to visit in taipei (3)
National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Park.
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial, Taipei1
Changing guards | taipei itinerary 5 days blog

In the afternoon, we go to the National Palace Museum, even though the ticket price is 250TWD but we highly recommended to visit. The museum houses more than 690 thousand artifacts in 10,000 years of Chinese history, many of which are preserved in very good condition. Please note that you can only see, not photograph in museum.

How to go: Take the MRT to Shilin bus station and take bus No. 304.

national palace museum shilin district taipei city taiwan,
National Palace Museum
The two most valuable artifacts of the museum | taipei itinerary 5 days blog
| taipei travel itinerary 5 days

That night we discovered the Shilin night market with a large scale about food and goods compare to the Raohe night market we visited the day before. The two of us shoping and eating steak, sausages, skewers, beans, famous oysters omelette…

Shilin Night Market (1)
Shilin Night Market | taipei itinerary 5 days blog
shilin night market
Grilled seafood | taipei trip itinerary 5 days
Shilin Night Market (1)
| taipei itinerary 5 days blog
Shilin Night Market (1)
Fruit stall | taipei itinerary 5 days blog
shilin night market bubble tea (4)
Tiger sugar bubble milk tea, must drink in Taipei | taipei trip itinerary 5 days

Taipei itinerary 5 days blog — Day 3: Keelung, Pingxi, Nine Parts, Miaoku night market

The next day we moved to Keelung by an early train from Taipei Main station priced at 39TWD. After sending luggage at the hotel, continue to going to Pingxi to climb Xiao Zi shan mountain. The mountain with its vertical peaks must climb with a cable with spectacular 360 degree views. However, the wind here is very strong and the foothold, the grip is not stable enough to make those who have no nerves of steel or fear of heights must feel terrifying.

Xiao Zi shan | taipei trip itinerary 5 days

Seemingly few tourists visit, so the mountain path with the trees and moss are quite slippery, but with the lower steps are easy to go so we get down the mountain quite quickly, visit Pingxi station and dropping the sky lantern. This is also the venue for the annual lantern festival. Leaving Pingxi we go to the famous Jiufen (Chiufen) ancient village as an place for the setting of the movie Spirited away.

Getting there: Take the train to Ruifang Train station and then climb up the mountain by bus or taxi.

Pingxi line.1
Pingxi Railway built by the Japanese. | what to do in taipei for 5 days
Release Sky Lantern in Pingxi
Dropping Sky Lantern in Pingxi
jiufen taiwann
A Ma Teahouse, Jifen | what to do in taipei for 5 days
jiufen,best places to go in taipei,where to go in taipei,best places to visit in taipei,top places to visit in taipei (1)
Jiufen, one of the must visit places in Taipei
chifen jiufen village
A Ma tea house | what to do in taipei for 5 days
Lovely street food stall in Taipei Old Street
Lovely street food stall in Taipei Old Street | 5 days in taipei


Tips: Taking taxi is a bit expensive, if you go in a large group or invite other travelers to join the group, you can reduce the cost, especially on the return bus that will has many people queued for. The winding mountain road with many bends makes anyone who usually get car sick should prepare yourself and take medicine first.

That night we explored Miaokou night market with fried spring rolls, sandwiches, seafood with beer, taro cakes and delicious bubble milk tea.

Miaokou night market | 5 days in taipei

Taipei travel itinerary 5 days — Day 4: Cape Bitou, Ximending

The last day we climbed Bitou’s cape. The green, grassy hills with the road is built with wooden rails running through them, creating a peaceful and poetic scenery. The road is not sloping so it is not difficult to walk but we take a lot of time here because … it’s so beautiful, just take 3 steps I taken 10 photos, LOL.

How to get there: From Zhongsi Road, take bus 791.

Bitou Cap lighthouse
Bitou Cap lighthouse | 5 days in taipei
Bitou Jiao
Best angle to take photo
| 5 days in taipei

In the afternoon, return to Taipei to visit the bustling Ximending area, enjoy the famous Taiwanese beef noodles, mango shaved ice and enjoy street art.

best shopping place in taipei
Ximending Taipei | taipei recommended itinerary
Ximending night market at taipei
Ximending Night Market
Ximending Food Taipei
| taipei recommended itinerary
Beef noodles, must eat in Taipei

What to do in Taipei for 5 days? — Day 5: Return to Vietnam

The flight of Vietjetar TPE-SGN departs early in the morning, if the next day going to the airport will not in time so we spend a night at Taoyuan airport. The modern airport is fully equipped with a free bathroom, which is located on the 1st, 2nd and 4th floors at Terminal 1 Arrival Hall and 1st and 4th floors at Terminal 2 Arrival Hall, you have to move a little. There is also a resting area with full electric charge, just bring extra blankets, then one night at the airport completely comfortable.

Arrival Hall Terminal 1, Taoyuan International Airport | taipei recommended itinerary

Taipei itinerary 5 days blog: The trip costs

The total trip costs for 5 days 4 nights in Taipei (Taipei itinerary 5 days, 5 days in Taipei, Taipei trip itinerary 5 days, 5d4n Taipei itinerary): ~$300.

  • Air tickets: $154
  • Trains and buses: $28
  • Accommodation: $45
  • Eating & drink: $52
  • Tickets to visit: $8
  • Travel insurance $12
Riding scooter in Taipei

Some best day tours, trips, activities and transfer services, tickets in, to and from Taipei you can refer to

Jiufen taipei taiwan (1)

Are you finding more top things to do in Taipei: Tours, activities, attractions and other things? Read more: Taipei travel blog — The fullest Taipei city guide for a wonderful trip to Taipei for the first-timers.

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