I heard that most tourists will come to Tokyo at least once when they are traveling to Japan, so I also go to Tokyo. I have a business trip in Tokyo and I have several free days, so how can I visit Tokyo from the inside to outside, from the inner city to the suburban areas? I’m in Tokyo and I only have 1 day left in this beautiful city, I am confuse where to go? I only have 24 hours in Tokyo, what do I have to do to make those 24 hours interesting and unforgettable? To resolve everything you want, you just need to read through this article, Living Nomads will bring a whole field of salt for your trip. So, are you looking for some best day trips from Tokyo and day tours from Tokyo (Tokyo day tour)? Let’s check out our suggested 5 best day trips out of Tokyo, top day trips from Tokyo including day tour in Tokyo itinerary, one day tours in Tokyo english guide, Tokyo one day tour, one day tour from Tokyo that you should refer to find out the answer! Now, let’s review the tips for a 24-hour trip around the Japanese capital!

tokyo tower
Tokyo tower, the symbol of Tokyo City
best autumn foliage in tokyo
Toykyo in Autumn
Rowing boats during cherry blossom at Chidorigafuchi moat, Tokyo

One day tour from Tokyo: Visit Mount Fuji, the ancient village and the five lakes at the foot of the mountain

Mount Fuji seen from Chureito Pagoda, one of the best spots to view Mt Fuji.

The symbol of the land of the rising sun, Mount Fuji, is located amidst the poetic nature bring a gentle peacefulness compared to the bustling life in Tokyo. If you are free of schedules during your working days in Japan, try this day tour from Tokyo!

Fuji Shibazakura Cherry Blossom Festival-fuji-japan2

2-way journey departs and returns during the day, you will be picked up at Ginza, go straight to the center of Gotemba near the foot of the mountain to have lunch and combine walking. Following the journey is the moments of immersing in the fairy space in the ancient village of Oshino Hakkai. Fresh nature and Mount Fuji behind will help you have sparkling photos there.

where to go in Japan
A corner of shopping mall-Gotemba Premium Outlets | tokyo one day tour
Oshino Hakkai-fuji
Oshino Hakkai Village | tokyo one day tour

Oshino Hakkai-fuji-japan8

Oshino Hakkai-fuji-japan7
| tokyo one day tour
Oshino Hakkai-fuji-japan2
Mount Fuji seen from Oshino Hakkai Village in Summer
Oshino Hakkai-fuji-japan3
Mount Fuji seen from Oshino Hakkai Village
sunset fuji town3
Fuji Town

Leaving the ancient village, Lake Kawaguchi appears like a mirror sleeping peacefully at the foot of the mountain. This is also where you can admire the panoramic view of Fuji volcano in the beauty of the four seasons of Japan. Spring of cherry blossoms, purple lavender in summer, autumn covered with red leaves, the winter with romantic snow.

Lake Kawaguchi and Mount Fuji in distance


Mt Fuji reflected in Lake Kawaguchi-ko
Mount Fuji reflected in Lake Kawaguchi-ko
Kawaguchi lake-fuji-japan2
In the summer

The tour only lasts for 10 hours but will definitely fill your photo gallery with hundreds of stunning different photos. Book the tour via Klook right now so you don’t miss this day tour here: Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi, Oshino Hakkai, and Gotemba Premium Outlets Day Trip from Tokyo.

Tokyo one day tour: Experience the beauty from high of volcanic islands

Hakone Ashino lake,Kanagawa Prefecture,Japan
Pirate boat cruising on Lake Ashinoko | tokyo one day tour

Do you think you’re going on a day tour in Tokyo to a volcano that’s breathing? It sounds quite tough but this is a journey that brings many memorable experiences for visitors. Because in Hakone has remnants of volcanic ash and nature covered in vague smoke are scenes that you can not see elsewhere. In particular, this journey is also adorned with activities on ancient boat trips on Lake Ashi, this is an attractive destination that has not been exploited much for tourists.

Hakone Ropeway with Mount Fuji in the Background | tokyo one day tour
Hakone Sekisho (Hakone Checkpoint),hakone travel blog,hakone travel guide,hakone blog,2 days in hakone,hakone 2 day itinerary (1)
Hakone Sekisho and Lake Ashinoko
Lake Ashi (Ashinoko Lake). One of the most beautiful lakes in Hakone, Japan.
Lake Ashi (Ashinoko Lake) at dusk. | one day tours in tokyo english

Located in an earthquake-prone area, Hakone has closed for tourism in 2015 to ensure visitors’ safety. One year later, when safety was absolutely guaranteed, the local government reopened the cable car for visitors to admire the majestic scenery of Japan. At an altitude of more than 1000m below the integrated smoke from the crater, the bareness of nature and the beauty of Mount Fuji volcano will be miniatured in your sight. If you are a brave person, do not miss this interesting experience! Don’t forget to try the boiled eggs at Hakone hot spring which is a very delicious local dish.

Ashinoko Lake Japan 10
A closer look of pirate boat
Ashinoko Lake Japan 9
A luxury boat in the middle of this lake | one day tours in tokyo english
Pirate ship ferry crossing Lake Ashi in Hakone, Japan
Pirate boat ferry crossing Lake Ashi.
Lake Ashinoko and the Owakudani Valley via the Hakone Ropeway
You can reach the Owakudani Valley by the Hakone Ropeway | one day tours in tokyo english

Owakudani Valley,hakone travel blog,hakone travel guide,hakone blog,2 days in hakone,hakone 2 day itinerary (1)

black boied eggs Owakudani Valley,hakone travel blog,hakone travel guide,hakone blog,2 days in hakone,hakone 2 day itinerary (1)
Black boiled eggs at Owakudani Valley | one day tours in tokyo english

Viewing the mountains is enough, the day tour in Tokyo continues to take you back to the past of Japan when sitting on an old boat and cruising around Lake Ashi. What’s more wonderful than sitting on a Japanese boat, listening to old stories and discovering the traditional values ​​of Japan. Book this day tour of Klook to ensure you have a meaning self-sufficient traveling here: Mt Fuji & Hakone Day Tour: Lake Ashi & Ropeway Day Trip from Tokyo.

One day tours in Tokyo english: Wandering around Hitachi Seaside Park and pick fruits at Ibaraki garden.

Hey buddy, the whole “pink ocean” at Hitachi Seaside park is shaking in the wind, have you been there when traveling to Japan yet?

| one day tours in tokyo english

With an area of ​​up to 3.5 hectares, Hitachi Seaside Park is located on the undulating hills between the roads and flower gardens. Since mid- October, the park has become bustling than usual. Japanese pink kochia grass spheres gradually changed color from green to yellow and then pink and red dyed the whole hill. With fun-looking shape, grass covered the space and wobbly in the wind as dancing to welcome visitors, Koichia hill is checked-in constantly in the last days of autumn.

| one day tour from tokyo
Selfie with Kochia
Million Baby Blue Eyes In Japan Hitachi Seaside Park
Million Baby Blue Eyes at Japan Hitachi Seaside Park in Spring | one day tour from tokyo

Not only that, when participating in this day tour, you also will be experienced when visiting farms and harvesting home-grown fruits in the bi- gardens of local households. Planting technology and product quality in Japan are always at the forefront with many different care activities. Opportunity to come to your hands, discover right away. This day tour from Tokyo is suitable for those who love nature and want to relax after the noise of the city. Book this tour here: Hitachi Seaside Park and Ashikaga Flower Park Day Trip from Tokyo (with Buffet Lunch).

Day tour in Tokyo itinerary: Stroll in Asukasa and enjoy traditional Japanese values

Asakusa Sensoji-temple-tokyo1
Asakusa Sensoji Temple | one day tour from tokyo

The intersection between ancient and modern, between hustle and lightness, is a district of Tokyo, Asukasa possesses all these values. If you love traditional values ​​but can’t traveling to Nikko or Kyoto, Asakusa will be the place to help you fulfill that wish. Located in a series of day tours in Tokyo, less than an hour by train from the center of Ginza, you have come to the land of historical values ​​from the Edo period to the present. Sensoji temple is over 1300 years old, hanging a signature lantern weighing over 700kg. Do not forget to check-in here! Walking through the main entrance gate of the temple is the oldest street in Japan – Nakamise Dori that sells a variety of souvenirs, tasty candies, one after another to take you to the temple’s main hall. You can also experience a more unique local culture by riding on a rickshaw and wearing traditional Japanese kimono.

Asakusa Sensoji-temple-tokyo3

Trying to wear a traditional kimono and walking on the ancient streets of Asakusa would be an unforgettable experience.
Trying to wear a traditional kimono and walking on the ancient streets of Asakusa would be an unforgettable experience.
| one day tour from tokyo

The next destination for the day tour in Tokyo is the biggest fish market in Japan – Tsukiji. You will have the opportunity to see more than hundreds of different types of seafood in Japan. All are display, meticulously prepared eye-catching. Not only that, you will enjoy sushi, sashimi and Japanese famous dishes such as tamagoyaki, Japanese bonito flakes (Katsuobushi)… all are delicious, fresh than anywhere else on this planet. A feast and a scrumptious delicacy with a hot cup of matcha tea and Sake is truly irresistible. Once visited, you will want to come back forever!

| one day tour from tokyo

sushi, Tsukiji, tokyo, japan
Numerous tourists queuing to enjoy sushi here. | one day tour from tokyo
| day tour in tokyo itinerary

Book this tour right here to Klook support you soonest here: Tsukiji Fish Market Food and Drink Half Day Tour.

Day tours from Tokyo: Hanging out at night in the neighborhood of Ginza

best shopping malls in tokyo tokyo shopping guide tokyo shopping center shopping area in tokyo (1)
Ginza district | one day tour from tokyo

After best day trips from Tokyo, you’ll have an evening of your own. Heading to Ginza, a neighborhood of exchanges of nations. Here you will be free to buy what you need, buy what you want and immerse yourself in the life of Asia’s leading prosperity. The cafes on the buildings, especially the Starbuck’s stores with seats near the glass door with stunning view of million people below will be a reasonable stop for you to immerse yourself to watch the scene and live like a Japanese in Japan.

best shopping malls in tokyo tokyo shopping guide tokyo shopping center shopping area in tokyo (1)
Very bustling and vibrant at Ginza Tokyo | day tour in tokyo itinerary
Old Ginza Shopping Arcade
Matsuya, Ginza, Tokyo
Matsuya, Ginza, Tokyo | day tour in tokyo itinerary
Ginza Itoya
Ginza Itoya | day tour in tokyo itinerary

Not only that, in Ginza, there is also a food neighborhood that doesn’t sleep all night – Omoide Yokocho, with grilled dishes, signature noodles of Japan. Hidden behind the curtains like Japanese cartoons are the rows of seats that welcome visitors. Each stall only has room for 5 to 10 people. The space is very pleasant to enjoy the delicious food and the best service. Imagine at this time, you have a meal in front of the people who are hurriedly walking on the street, immersing in the rhythm of the locals in their own homeland is a truly unique experience. Book voucher in advance here: Sagaya Ginza (佐賀牛SAGAYA銀座) in Ginza – Deluxe Wagyu BBQ.

Omoide Yokocho | day tour in tokyo itinerary
| day tour in tokyo itinerary

Some best day tours, trips, activities and transfer services, tickets in, to and from Tokyo you can refer to

You will see firsthand the “artisan” making Sushi and present it on the table.

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