MORI Building Digital Art Museum: teamLab Borderless (MORI Building Digital Art Museum Tokyo) is touted as the world’s first digital art museum. The museum was opened in Odaiba District, Tokyo on June 21, 2018 to the enthusiastic reception of the public and has gradually become an indispensable destination for anyone who is planning to travel to Tokyo and I can’t help but exciting and eagering when experience this “borderless” space for the first-time. So, what’s hot inside Tokyo Digital Art Museum teamLab Borderless (teamLab Borderless MORI Digital Art Museum, teamLab Borderless MORI Art Museum)? Let’s read our teamLab Borderless review (teamLab Borderless Tokyo review) to find out the answer!

MORI Building Digital Art Museum Tokyo teamLab Borderless is an interactive digital art museum never seen anywhere in the world, officially opened in June 2018 in Tokyo. | mori building digital art museum teamlab borderless

teamLab Borderless Tokyo review: Overview of MORI Building Digital Art Museum Tokyo

MORI Building Digital Art Museum teamLab Borderless is a collaborative project between urban developer MORI Building and the world’s leading digital art development company teamLab. “Borderless” represents the museum’s goal of blurring the boundaries between works of art, viewer and art, and viewers by allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the art and become a part of it.

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The teamLab team is a group of artists and scientists who have had many exhibitions in Japan and around the world in recent years. Although the group’s origins are in Japan, it wasn’t until 2018 that this long-term project first appeared in Tokyo.

teamLab Borderless has created a group of digital artworks that create a borderless world. The completely borderless interactive artworks separate them from other works. Some extend beyond the installation room and spill into the hallway, some overlap with other works and some even merge with other works. Because there are no boundaries, the works are always in a state of constant change and do not repeat.

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MORI Building Digital Art Museum Tokyo is unlike any museum you’ve ever seen. This 10,000 square meter space uses 520 computers and 470 projectors to create an experience that stimulates all five senses. Here, there is no one to guide you on how to enjoy this space, so let your curiosity and imagination roam, and choose any path to begin with.

teamLab Borderless review: What’s hot at MORI Building Digital Art Museum teamLab Borderless?

The two themes “nature” and “communication/interaction” appear throughout all the works, from rice fields with seasonally changing scenery to a digital flower wall with petals flying through the air space or fall down when you touch them. Viewers can directly explore and interact with works as well as experience interacting with other viewers. That is also the motto of teamLab: “You become the center and the artwork changes with you”. Everything radiates from your perspective.

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The most outstanding rooms at teamLab Borderless MORI Digital Art Museum

Every time you stepping inside the same room, you still feel like entering that place for the first time. The digital artwork moving and changing continuously between different rooms, one moment is a forest of flowers, the next moment it turns into a swarm of hovering insects, changing from season to season in the blink of an eye. The museum’s name “Borderless” is no exaggeration because this space seems to be “borderless”, the artworks moving as if it were their own way (of course, it was setting up by the teamLab team in advance).

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The museum has tons of perfect backdrops for you to take stunning photos to post on Instagram without getting bored. The most prominent rooms at MORI Building Digital Art Museum Tokyo are: Borderless World, Crystal World, Athletic Forest, Forest of Resonating Lamps and Future Park.

Borderless World

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The latest interactive digital artworks immerse viewers in a world of wonder as works transform into human presence and transcend boundaries between people and the world.

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Crystal World

| teamlab borderless tokyo review

Crystal World gives you the experience of stepping into outer space with lights moving like stars. The walls, ceiling, and floor are all lined with mirrors, creating infinite feeling in this space.

Athletic Forest

Atheletic Forest has the most beautiful spaces in the museum with a giant waterfall area, orchid forest…

A creative space that simulates the development of the hippocampus of the brain and enhances spatial awareness. In Athletic Forest, you can jump, climb, move and rotate in a colorful space. You can even draw your own animal, scan it and then it will start swimming or dancing along the walls. Everyone can be an artist here.

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The most special feature of Atheletic Forest lies in the fact that the spaces are simulated as you are walking in the forest with rocky slopes, the mattresses create a sinking feeling so that we have the feeling of walking in the middle of a magical forest that is created by hundreds of projectors.

Forest of Resonating Lamps

This is a fairy-tale space filled with colorful lamps (It’s quite like sky lanterns in real life). When the viewer stands near a lamp, it will turn on and begin to spread to the surrounding lamps until all lights are on. The lamps will be lit not in a fixed sequence but change according to the position of the viewer.

It is a space of hundreds of lamps that change color continuously, this area is very popular and I has to wait in line for 30 minutes to get in, each time is only 2-3 minutes and then have to go out. But the experience was truly overwhelming.

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Contrary to many other fastidious museums in the world, teamLab Borderless Tokyo allows you to bring your camera and smartphone in to comfortably take pictures, but remember do not turn on flash.

Future Park

Future Park is an educational project and experience area for community creativity. teamLab believes that human learn about the world through interacting with others and sharing their experiences to others. So, through the experience of creating art together with works like “Sketch aquarium” and “Sliding through the fruit field”, teamLab hopes that everyone will have more creative ideas in their daily lives.

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Children’s Area

Practically any area is suitable for kids and adults alike, but the Athletic Forest has something more to offer where you can create planets, or a black hole, with each jump on the Multi-Jumping tram Universe, slide down a field of fruit in the forest of light. Note that you must have suitable footwear such as sneakers to experience.

In addition, at Sketch Aquarium, children and adults can sitting together and draw on an available picture frame of marine animals, then these amateur paintings will be scanned and they will appear on the wall of this digital aquarium.

Relax in En Tea House

Finally, after walking and playing, you may want to soak up the tranquility of En Tea House. In this dim, quiet space where you can relax with a cup of tea, they recommend yuzu green tea for 500 yen. Watch digital flowers bloom in your cup, their petals scattered frequently.

En Tea House is a place where you can enjoy a traditional Matcha tea with digital flowers blooming inside the teacup. Flowers will appear when the tea is poured into the cup and disappear when tea drinking is finished.| mori building digital art museum teamlab borderless


MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: teamLab Borderless will surely make you overwhelmed and amazed by the colorful digital effects and vivid 3D images and marvel at the creativity endless by human and the great progress of science and technology.

In short, teamLab Borderless is a unique, memorable experience for all ages, as well as a place to enjoy art and technology in Japan.

Further information of MORI Building Digital Art Museum teamlab Borderless

teamLab Borderless Ticket in Tokyo

  • Address: Odaiba Palette Town 2F, 1-3-8 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Hours: Weekdays: 10AM–5PM/Saturday, Sunday: 9AM–7PM (*Opening hours may vary by season, check carefully in advance before you go on its official website here).
  • Phone: +81 3-6368-4292
  • Getting there by public transport: Take the subway to Tokyo Teleport station (Rinkai Line) or Aomi station (Yurikamome Line).
  • Ticket prices: Adults (over 15 years old): 3,200 JPY / Children (from 4 to 14 years old) 1,000 JPY. And disabled people can get discount tickets for 1,600 JPY. Tickets are also available for purchase online, we recommend purchasing them in advance, as on-site admission tickets may run out (or not be sold out, if online tickets sell out). You can buy tickets in advance here. You also order tickets online on the official website of MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: teamLab Borderless at:
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