Bulguksa Temple

Not too far away from the bustle Seoul is Busan – the more peaceful and relaxing coastal city. However, that does not mean Busan is any less appealing, in fact, many tourists put this city on their Korea trip bucket list. After around 1 hour and 40 minutes driving from Busan, you will arrive at Gyeongju – once the capital of ancient Korea, now is UNESCO Cultural Heritage. So, what to do in Gyeongju and how to spend 1 perfect day in Gyeongju? Let’s check out our Gyeongju travel blog (Gyeongju blog) and Gyeongju guide on how to spend 1 day trip in Gyeongju (Gyeongju day trip, Gyeongju travel itinerary 1 day) from how to get to Gyeongju, Gyeongju places to visit to, things to do in Gyeongju to discover one-day tour in Gyeongju, the old kingdom of the Silla dynasty.

Gyeongju UNESCO World Heritage Site
Gyeongju, the ancient land of Korea. | gyeongju guide
gyeongju snow
Gyeongju in the winter | what to do in gyeongju
The ancient and poetic old scenery of Gyeongju | what to do in gyeongju

If you love Korean ancient culture, you will very much enjoy the journey in Gyeongju. Don’t miss the chance to understand Korea through ancient lens of the old dynasty Silla!

gyeongju kdrama
Historical drama “Emperor of the Sea” represents Silla dynasty | what to do in gyeongju
Gyeongju kdrama dream of the emperor
Historical drama “Dream of the Emperor”, interprets historical records of Silla restoration

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East Busan Skywalk Oruykdo
Sky walk – Oruykdo’s hottest check-in spot in Busan.

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Transportation Cards
Swipe T-money card on bus

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korail pass krpass
Korail Pass or KRPass

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Gyeongju day trip: Turn back time to the Silla dynasty

It was such a special experience to observe cultural heritages at Gyeongju. I recommend booking the city day tour which is both time-saving and getting to multiple interesting tourist attractions, given a neat schedule.

gyeongju day tour
Book a Gyeongju day tour
Private Gyeongju tour including Seokguram, Bulguksa and Tomb park from Busan

Link to book Gyeongju day tour: Gyeongju UNESCO World Heritage Site, Seokgulam, Bulguksa Temple Day Trip from Busan.

Yangdong traditional village | Gyeongju, Busan

Yangdong village
Mountain surrounds Yangdong village | Gyeongjutravel blog

Together with Hahoe traditional village, Yangdong is another UNESCO cultural heritage, described as one of the villages that represent Korean culture. Yangdong attracts many tourists by its distinctively vintage spirit that belonged to the ancient kingdom. Fun fact: if you watch closely enough, you can see that houses owned by nobles are built on higher ground than that of the peasantry. This proves the class discrimination during the feudal period.

The lovely cats in Yangdong village
gyeongju houses
In Gyeongju, different altitudes mean different house styles

Yangdong village is surrounded by green mountains. The opposite is a river and wide fields. You would love to walk along country roads of Yangdong to fully engage in such a natural, tranquil scenery.

Yangdong village offers the opportunity to try traditional cuisine. “Ddeok” cake and Korean rice cake are tourist favourites.

gyeongju traditional cuisine
Various traditional dishes | gyeongju travel blog
gyeongju ddeok
Ddeok rice cake

Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram Buddhist Grotto | Gyeongju, Busan

Bulguksa+Temple+ south korea spring trip
Feel the serenity at Bulguksa Temple | gyeongju travel blog

Bulguksa Temple is well-known for its antique architecture and immensity. Tourists never cease admiring the extraordinary beauty of stone-carving art. Besides the building itself, natural scenery around Bulguksa Temple during spring and autumn absolutely spices up your travel experience.

gyeongju bulguksa
Bulguksa Temple during autumn
Bulguksa Temple
| gyeongju travel blog
Bulguksa Temple2
| gyeongju places to visit

Do you know that the temple’s construction began in the year 528 but it was only until year 774 that it finished? Survived through many historical events, Bulguksa Temple underwent more than 40 reconstructions and maintenances. Don’t miss out on this historical witness of the once-splendid Silla period when you travel to Korea!

gyeongju bulguksa temple
Tourists taking photos of the beautiful temple | gyeongju places to visit
| gyeongju day tour
bulguksa temple gyeongju upper view
Bulguksa Temple from above
bulguksa temple gyeongju
Festive season at Bulguksa Temple
| gyeongju day tour

Near Bulguksa Temple lies the as famous tourist attraction – Seokguram Buddhist Grotto was built a thousand years ago. Buddha statue and many works of art were carved on natural stones inside the grotto. Seokguram Buddhist Grotto shows how ancient Korean took pride in traditional Buddhism.

seokguram buddhist cave
Stone Buddha sculpture in Seokguram Grotto | gyeongju day tour
| gyeongju day trip

Known as the 24th Korea’s national object, Seokguram Buddhist Grotto is on its way to becoming the inexcludable on foreign visitors’ place-to-go list. The attraction is also interesting to scholars and pilgrims.

seokguram grotto
Seokguram Grotto entrance
Entrance to Seokguram Buddha cave | gyeongju day trip
The ancient and poetic old scenery of Gyeongju | gyeongju day trip

Anapji pond | Gyeongju, Busan

Anapji lake
Peaceful Anapji pond | gyeongju day trip

Anapji Pond was built in year 674 during the Silla dynasty, chosen by nobles as their favourite relaxing spot. Anapji Pond is famous for sophisticated architecture and dreamy scenery. If you get the chance to visit Korea in June or July, a breathtaking view of blooming lotus on the pond certainly awaits.

| gyeongju itinerary 1 day

In the afternoon, Anapji Pond is beautifully painted with sunset pallete, tourists can sit back, enjoy the fresh air, adore the serenity of Gyeongju and praise memories of the old, splendid civilization.

gyeongju anapji pond sunset
Stunning sunset view of Anapji | gyeongju itinerary 1 day

One day at Gyeongju, Busan brings you back to the once-wealthy Silla kingdom. Despite thousands of years of so many historical events, these cultural heritages are still in healthy state thanks to Koreans’ huge effort. Without their dedication, we may never have the chance to cherish such antique beauty.

| gyeongju itinerary 1 day

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