Referring to Korea, everyone must have at least once heard about “Jeju Island”. This is a natural island famous for its fascinating natural scenery. And Hallasan National Park is located in the heart of this beautiful island, so the park also inherits the beautiful natural quintessence from the land here. In the central of the national park is Hallasan Mountain – this is the highest volcano in South Korea and is surrounded by 368 smaller mountains called Oreums, all of which have long interrupted volcanoes. Hallasan has a rich flora and fauna with more than 1.800 species of plants and more than 4.000 species of natural animals were found. There are seven paths leading to Hallasan National Park, and each of them has its own unique beauty. If you want to see the whole landscape of the national park, you should choose the hiking path, although it is a bit difficult and hard but in return you will be immersed in the natural. Besides, along the way you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery under the mountains, this will be a great background to record meaningful photos there.

Mountain Hallasan, the highest mountain in South Korea standing at 1,950m in height.
Mountain Hallasan, the highest mountain in South Korea standing at 1,950m in height. | korea national park
Hallasan jeju autumn,jeju autumn foliage,jeju autumn itinerary,jeju autumn month,jeju fall foliage,jeju autumn foliage
| best national parks in south korea
jeju horseback riding (1)
Horse riding around mount Hallasan
Hallasan jeju autumn,jeju autumn foliage,jeju autumn itinerary,jeju autumn month,jeju fall foliage,jeju autumn foliage
| best national parks in south korea
Hiking Mt Hallasan
Hiking Mt Hallasan | korea national park

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Address: 2070-61 1100(Cheonbaek)-ro, Odeung-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea
Hours: 9AM–5PM
Phone: +82 64-747-9950

Top Korea national park: Songnisan National Park

Songnisan National Park is famous for its wild nature. Especially when mentioning Songnisan, it is impossible not to mention the beautiful valleys such as Hwayangdong, Seonyudong and Ssangok. The symbol of Songnisan National Park is the Jeongipumsong pine tree – once mentioned in the official letter of King Sejo of Joseon period. In addition to the wild natural beauty of this national park, there is something very ancient. Coming here, visitors should visit the Beopjusa temple at the foot of the mountain to feel all the holiness at Songnisan because this temple is one of the oldest spiritual works in Korea. The best time to visit Songnisan is spring, when the lilies bloom across the gardens and on the hillsides, creating a very beautiful view. Songnisan attracts many tourists because this park is located in the center of Korea so it is very easy to find and easy to travel from any Korean city.

Sacred temples in Songnisan | korea national park

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Address: 84 beopjusa-ro, Songnisan-myeon, 속리산면 Boeun-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea
Hours: 9AM–6PM
Phone: +82 43-542-5267

Mudeungsan National Park

The rugged and untidy cliffs of Mudeungsan | best national parks in south korea

Mudeungsan National Park is located at the edge of Hwasun-gun, Damyang-gun and Gwangju. This national park attracts visitors by the unique Jueanggjeolli cliffs. In addition, Mudeungsan also has many other interesting things such as hand-carved cylindrical pillars with a age of 70 million years, ancient stones, large temples with long-standing characteristics of Korea. In addition, there is also a monorail service in the middle of Mudeungsan forest mountain. On these aerial monorails, visitors can fully view the majestic views of Mudeungsan National Park in a complete and exciting way. Besides, Mudeungsan National Park also has a lot of attractive tourist services waiting for visitors to discover every day. Let’s come to Mudeungsan to have memorable travel experiences.

Spring natural scenery at Mudeungsan National Park

Address: Jisan 2(i)-dong, Gwangju, South Korea

Best national parks in South Korea: Odaesan National Park

| korea national park

Odaesan National Park is located in the center and the east of Gangwon-do Province and was recognized as a national park in 1975. The highlight of Odaesan National Park is Korea’s largest natural forests with a multi-ecosystem in all four seasons of the year. Especially, tourists often visit Odaesan in the fall because it is the time when the vast forest canopies of Odaesan begin to transform their leaves, creating a very beautiful scenery that makes everyone excited when visiting. In addition to being famous for its large forests, Odaesan National Park is also famous for its natural valleys and rocky mountains with strange and unique shapes. If you want to learn about wildlife and want to have fun and eco-trips, come to Odaesan National Park – a national park with beautiful natural scenery in all 4 seasons of the year.

OdaesanNationalParkAutumnDayTripfromSeoulbyKTOURSTORY (1)
| best national parks in south korea
Sacred temples are an attraction of Odaesan | korea national park
Odaesan National Park Autumn foliage3
Odaesan Peak

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Address: 2 Odaesan-ro, Jinbu-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea
Phone: +82 33-332-6417

Taean Haean National Park

Immense natural scenery of Taean Haean | korea national park

Taean Haean is located on the Taean Peninsula and Anmyeondo Island with a famous feature of natural sand dunes formed on the sea. Taean Haean National Park has a very diverse nature with many different geological environments suitable for those who are interested in exploring and research geology. When coming to Taean Haean, you can immerse yourself in the breath of the sea, watch the waves crash to the shore with the beauty like the famous European beaches. As a marine national park, the main flora and fauna of Taean Haean are mainly marine creatures, so when you come here, do not forget to enjoy the fresh seafood specialties at Taean Haean. And Taean Haean National Park is also a great place to watch the sunset, on the white sand dunes, next to the flickering waves and watch the end of the day sunshine next to those you love, that are great experiences and meaningful, right?

Dreamlike sunset at Taean Haean

Address: Sowon-myeon, Taean-gun, South Korea
Phone: +82 41-672-9737

Best national parks in South Korea: Naejangsan National Park (mountain)

NaejangsanNationalParkAutumnFoliageDayTripfromSeoul (1)
| korea national park

Naejangsan is one of the eight most beautiful landscapes of the Korean peninsula, especially in the spring when the grass is sprouting, and in the autumn when the forest is about to change leaves. The name of Naejangsan Mountain is a combination of the words Nae (inside) and Jang (hidden) with the meaning that there are many wonders hidden inside the mountain.


| korea national park
Naejangsan-national-park 121
Picnic | korea national park

Naejangsan national park autumn4

Naejangsan national park observation desk autumn
Naejangsan observation platform | south korea national parks

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Naejangsan-national-park 1213

Address: 936 Naejangsan-ro, Naejang-dong, Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea
Hours: 7AM–6PM
Phone: +82 63-538-7875

Top South Korea national parks: Gayasan National Park (mountain)

Autumn Colors in Korea - Gayasan National Park9
| south korea national parks

Gayasan is located at the border between the two provinces of Gyeongsangnam-do and Gyeongsangbuk-do, famous for its peaks of Sangwangbong (1.430m high), Duribong, Gitdaebong, and Namsanjeilbong. Gayasan National Park has long been famous as one of the ten landmarks with beautiful countryside scenery. Haeinsa Temple is located on the mountainside where the Tripitaka Koreana Buddhist scriptures are stored as a UNESCO world cultural heritage, in front of the temple is the poetic valley of Hongryudong.


Autumn Colors in Korea - Gayasan National Park
| south korea national parks


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Gayasan National Park
| south korea national parks

Address: 1805 Baekun-ri, Suryun-myeon, Seongju-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea
Phone: +82 54-931-1430

Top South Korea national parks: Deogyusan National Park (mountain)

Mujugucheongdong in Deogyusan boasts a very long and clean valley, Jeoksangsan Mountain (1.029m high) is a suitable place to explore culture and history, as well as walking and sightseeing. Deogyudae, located amidst the beautiful nature, is the ideal place for camping with a capacity of up to 4.000 people. The Muju Resort features a ski resort and a range of restaurant hotels, making it perfect for family vacations and leisure activities.

| south korea national parks

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Address: Anseong-myeon, Muju-gun, South Korea
Phone: 063-322-4445

Top South Korea national parks: Juwangsan National Park (mountain)

Jusanji Lake, Cheongsong, Korea Juwangsan3
Juwangsan National Park in Autumn | south korea national parks

The attraction of Juwangsan National Park is the beautiful landscape of the strange shaped rocky mountains and the cliffs protruding from the sea formed by the sudden rupture of the volcano in the Cretaceous and Mesozoic periods. Jusanji Lake in Jeolgol is the most famous place for tourists, the giant squirrel-tailed willow trees drop their roots into the lake bed creating an unrivaled scenery. Yaksutang area is famous for mineral water source.

Juwangsan National Park

Juwangsan National Park
| south korea national parks

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Juwangsan National Park autumn

Address : 406, Sangui-ri, Budong-myeon, Cheongsong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-Do
Tel : +82-54-873-0014

Top Korea national park: Chiaksan National Park (mountain)

| best national parks in south korea

Chiaksan is divided into areas of Guryong, Bugok, Geumdae, and Seongnam that surround the two mountains of Birobong (1.288m high) and Hyangrobong. The forest in Seongnam-ri is a typical forest with seasonal leaf-changing trees, and was selected as a national symbol. There is Daegok campsite and the natural observation line in the forest is very beautiful. The valley in the Guryong area and the car camping area in Geumdae are suitable for family trips.

| best national parks in south korea

Address: 26 Musoejeom2-gil, Socho-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea
Phone: +82 33-740-9900

Top Korea national park: Woraksan National Park (mountain)

The beautiful scenery along with Chungju Lake makes the attraction of Woraksan National Park, and moreover, the Yeongbong mountain (1.097m high) next to Chungju Lake becomes magnificent on the moonlit nights. The famous valleys in Woraksan National Park are Songgye Valley, Seonam Valley, and Yongha Valley. The Buddha image and the iridescent stone temple make the legend of Maeui, the last prince of the Silla dynasty.

| best national parks in south korea

Woraksan National Park, South Korea

Address: Wolak-ri, Deoksan-myeon, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea
Phone: +82 43-653-3250

Sobaeksan National Park (mountain)

| best national parks in south korea

Sobaeksan is famous for its poetic scenery of the highland, extending from the mountain of Birobong (1.439m high) to Yeonhwabong (1.394m high), with the National Observatory. Sobaeksan National Park is especially suitable for nature, historical and cultural trips. At Buseoksa Temple, there are cultural treasures ranked as National Treasures, such as the main hall of the temple, stone lamps, sitting Buddha statue, Buddha paintings …

Address: Danyang-eup, Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea
Phone: +82 43-423-0708

Top Korea national park: Wolchulsan National Park (mountain)

| best national parks in south korea

Wolchulsan is the smallest national park in Korea with the outstanding Wolchulsan mountain on the Yeongam steppe. The groups of plants here are relatively rich, including temperate and tropical plant groups. The 8.6m high Buddha statue carved into the cliff at an altitude of 700m above sea level is classified as National Treasure and Dogapsa temple built by monk Doseon, and Muwisa temple was built in 875.

Location: Wolchulsan National Park to Gureumdari (Cloud Bridge)
Phone: 061-472-9201

Top Korea national park: Byeonsan-bando National Park

| best national parks in south korea

Byeonsan-bando is divided into two areas, with Oebyeonsan on the coast, and Naebyeonsan on the mountains. In the Oebyeonsan area, there are undersea caves, the majestic Chaeseokgang cliffs look like thousands of overlapping books, lush pine forests, and Gosapo beach with mud pools. In the Naebyeonsan area, there are about 10 mountains of about 400m high, such as Euisangbong (508m high), Oknyeobong, Gwaneumbong, Sinseonbong, along with a rich range of vegetation. There are a number of temples in Byeonsan-bando, such as Naesosa Temple with beautiful pine forests, and Gaeamsa Temple at the foot of the Ulgeumbawi Rock Range.

Address: 1 Bangpaje-gil, Byeonsan-myeon, Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea
Phone: +82 63-582-7808

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