alishan autumn maple leaves

Alishan Plateau (Taiwan) is famous for its beauty all year round. Dreamy, romantic, deep with bright red maple leaves in the fall. Spring is vibrant and vitality with cherry blossoms. Immerse yourself in nature, walking among the forest to see the majestic scenery in summer and autumn. Alishan is not too crowded with tourists, very suitable for traveling back to nature. This is an extremely suitable destination for those who love experience and explore new lands. So what’s hot in Alishan in the fall (Alishan autumn), where to go and what to do in Alishan in the upcoming fall? Let’s check it out our Alishan autumn blog on how to visit Alishan in the fall from how to get there, best places to visit and top things to do to find out the answer!

Discover the mountains and plateau, Alishan is a very beloved activity when traveling Taiwan | alishan autumn
Image credit: taiwan cherry blossom 2018 forecast blog.
Alishan in spring, full of vitality. | alishan autumn 2022
Cherry blossoms in bloom in Alishan, Taiwan
Cherry blossoms in bloom in Alishan, Taiwan
alishan cherry blossoms
Alishan cherry blossoms, Taiwan
Alishan in the summer
The mysterious charm of the Giant Trees Trail in Alishan | alishan autumn
Fenqihu ancient village has a charming natural landscape
Alishan, Taiwan: Alishan Mountain Tea Plantations
Alishan Mountain Tea Plantations
Alishan Natinal Scenic Park | alishan autumn 2022
alishan autumn
Alishan in the fall | alishan autumn
alishan autumn maple leaves season in taiwan best time to see autumn leaves in taiwan
Red maple leaves in Alishan

alishan autumn

alishan autumn
Deep and romantic | alishan autumn
This beauty stands near Mt Raizan, just around the corner from Alishan.
This beauty stands near Mt Raizan, just around the corner from Alishan.
alishan autumn maple leaves.1
Enjoy the autumn
Sunset on Alishan mountain in the fall.
The twilight in Alishan plateau | alishan autumn
alishan autumn
Alishan beautiful in four seasons.

How to get to Alishan?

alishan taiwan alishan travel guide
The different ways to getting to Alishan and back

To getting to Alishan Plateau, you must reach Chiayi City. After that you will go to Alishan from Chiayi. Chiayi is a small city about 270km from Taipei, about 3 hours traveling by car.

Getting to Chiayi City

Chiayi city

Getting to Chiayi is not difficult at all. Means of transport in Taiwan are very convenient. From any city (Taipei, Taichung or Kaohsiung, etc.), you can either take the bus or take the HSR high speed train to Chiayi. The quickest and fastest way to getting from Taipei to Chiayi (Station) is by train and bus that costs about $30 – $45 and takes 2 hours 26 minutes.

how to get to chiayi
How to get to Chiayi by car, ship, air and travel time. | alishan autumn 2022

By bus: Traveling by bus will takes between 1 and 4 hours depending on which city you depart. Traveling from Taipei Capital to Chiayi takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes. This is the most economical way to move! Some bus operators to Chiayi you can refer to: United Bus, Aloha Bus, King Bus.

bus to chiayi city
Bus to Chiayi city
bus operators to chiayi
Bus operators to Chiayi: travel time, frequency, and prices.

By HSR: The fastest way to get to Chiayi city is by HSR high speed train. For example the travel time from Taipei to Chiayi by HSR takes only 1 hour. Higher fares, however fast and save time, much less tired than buses.

You will have to take the HSR hight speed train to Chiayi city before getting to Alishan
alternatives routes
Alternatives routes to Chiayi from Taichung, Tainan: travel time, price and means of transport.

How to travel to Alishan from Chiayi?

Chiayi Train Station

From Chiayi you can travel by bus, private car or local train to reach Alishan.

By bus: After you arrive at Chiayi HSR Station, you can take the bus number 7329 to continue getting to Alishan. There are only 3 bus trips in a day so you should pay attention to avoid waiting for a long time at the station!

Bus 7329 to Alishan
Bus 7329 to Alishan | alishan autumn 2022

bus 7329 to alishan

Bus departure time daily: 10:10 AM – 11:40 AM – 1:10 PM.

By train: If you choose travel by train, you have to transfer 2 times, because Chiayi has no direct train to Alishan. You take the train to Fenchihu (46 km), then from Fenchihu take the bus to Alishan (26 km).

Fenchihu station
Fenchihu station

Train schedule:

TimeChiayi – FenchihuFenchihu – Chiayi
Daily9:00 AM (Alishan Train No.1)2:00 PM (Alishan Train No.2)
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays10:00 AM (Alishan Train No.3)3:00 PM (Alishan Train No.4)
Sunday9:30 AM (Jungshin Express Train 311)2:30 PM (Jungshin Express Train 312)
taiwan tourist shuttle bus alishan route
Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus: Alishan Route

Alishan autumn: Where to go and what to do in Alishan in the fall?

alishan autumn
Scenic train in autumn

Strolling in Alishan National Scenic Area

The magical scenery of Alishan National Scenic Area

Walking in the forest, it seems there is nothing fun but fun and so relaxing. The natural landscape in the national forest is very beautiful. Fresh air, with mist foggy in the early morning. Many tall trees. All the scenery was dyed in a silky green color, through the forest canopy trees, the sunlight was shining. There are so many shooting angles for you free to deep posing!

Alishan National Scenic Area,alishan autumn (1)
Many corners for taking photos with maple leaves in the national forest, so gentle and beautiful | alishan autumn 2022
Alishan National Scenic Area,alishan autumn (1)
Wherever you go in Alishan also sees autumn as a masterpiece
Alishan National Scenic Area,alishan autumn (1)
The charming autumn is very suitable for taking so deep photos.

Alishan National Scenic Area,alishan autumn (1)

Coming to Alishan in autumn (Alishan autumn) is also the best time. At this time, the national forest has a beautiful brown color. Red maple leaves spread throughout the forest. Every corner is beautiful for those who love virtual living. Walking in the forest under the carpet of red leaves of autumn will probably be an unforgettable experience. Just like in the movie.

Alishan National Scenic Area,alishan autumn (9)

Alishan National Scenic Area,alishan autumn (1)
Messenger of autumn
Alishan National Scenic Area,alishan autumn (1)
Spectacular sunset

Alishan National Scenic Area,alishan autumn (1)

Alishan National Scenic Area,alishan autumn (9)
Clouds and mountains blend together | alishan autumn 2022
Alishan National Scenic Area,alishan autumn (1)
One of the best places to see autumn leaves in Taiwan.

Alishan National Scenic Area,alishan autumn (11)

Address: No. 59, Zhongzheng Vil., Zhongzheng Vil., Alishan Township, Taiwan
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +886 5 267 9917
Admission: 200 TWD ($6.49) for Taiwanese people and 300 TWD ($9.74) for foreign visitors.

Hinoki Ancient Village

Hinoki-Village alishan autumn (1)

Hinoki is an ancient village with Japanese imprints in the heart of Taiwan. Hinoki ancient village still retains full of Japanese-style wooden house ruins from Taiwan period occupied by Japan.

Hinoki-Village alishan autumn (1)
| alishan autumn 2022
Hinoki-Village alishan autumn (1)
Wooden houses in Japanese style

Hinoki-Village alishan autumn (1)

Hinoki-Village alishan autumn (1)
| alishan autumn

Hinoki-Village-alishan autumn

Since ancient times, there are many original buildings of dormitory area of Chiayi Afforestation Yards – Taiwan’s first Afforestation Yards. However, after the Japanese came here, they carried out rebuilding, creating an extremely open space with the bold Japanese architecture style.

Hinoki-Village alishan autumn (1)

Hinoki-Village alishan autumn (1)
Happy together

Hinoki-Village alishan autumn (1)

Hinoki-Village alishan autumn (1)
A nice stone bridge
Hinoki-Village alishan autumn (1)
Girls in traditional kimono

There are still 28 Japanese-style wooden houses in Hinoki. Here the space is cool and peaceful, so it attracts a large of tourists to visit.

Hinoki-Village alishan autumn (1)
| alishan autumn 2022

Hinoki-Village alishan autumn (1)

Address: No.1, Linsen E. Rd., East Dist., Chiayi City 600, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Hours: 10 AM – 6 PM / Closed on Chinese New Year Eve

Sisters Ponds

sisters pond alishan (1)

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