Traditional Balinese cuisine follows the true taste of Hindus and Muslims, that is, a characteristic curry flavor. Previously I was quite difficult to eat with these flavors, but eating a lot is familiar and relize it’s delicious. Another thing is that the Balinese people value vegetables in their meals because they think vegetables are the best food for each person’s health and digestive tract. A very delicious salad restaurant with beautifully decorated is located right opposite of 808 Residence, don’t worry about running away to find food if you stay in this hotel.

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Bali Cuisine

As a tourist island, you can find any kind of cuisine in Bali, from traditional Balinese rice dishes, to fast food and European food, seafood. Normally, with small restaurants, the price for a meal is about $5-$10, but if you dine at more luxurious restaurants, the price will be higher, from $15-$20 or eat full delicious seafood, it must be around $25-$35/person.

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Bali travel guide blog: What to do

bali tourist map bali one day tour
Bali tourist map.

Map of attractions, and delicious restaurants in Bali:


If you book a hotel in this town you can plan an itinerary to visit the attractions around the central area of ​​Ubud as well as the sacred temples in the north of the island. A reasonable itinerary is you should spend one day to visit all the attractions around Ubud Town including Ubud Market and Ulun Danu Water Temple; one day to visiting Monkey Forest Temple, Lotus Temple near Ubud, visiting Pura Tirta Empul, Pura Gunung Kawi, Tegalalang Terraced Fields; one day to visit Batur volcano and Pura Besakih temple.

Ubud Market

ubud art market (1)
Ubud market | bali travel guide blog

This is the largest market in Ubud with a wide variety of goods for sale, food and drink. Here I bought a lot of cool things like Sarong to wearing to visit temples in Bali, clothes, hats, .. as well as cheap jewelry, souvenirs. Remember to bargain at least 1/4-1/3 of the original price, they charge high prices extremely, until I bargain down to the lowest possible level but still hesitate don’t know that buying close to the original price or not. Outside, there is a deliciously jackfruit stall, they shouting for 30.000IDR, I bargain down to 10.000 IDR they still sell, but quite much and worth the money!

ubud art market (1)
Ubud art market | bali travel guide blog
Indonesia famous things Handicrafts (1)
Wooden masks

In fact, the area around Ubud Town has quite a lot of interesting things, you can visit the temples, central market, at night you take a walk around the narrow alleys and streets to explore the nightlife of this place. In addition, Ubud Town has many super cool cafes and eateries to drop by and enjoy.

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Monkey Forest Temple (Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary) and Lotus Temple

These two temples are located in Ubud Town, so you can combine them for a day of visit. Monkey Forest is as its name suggests, lots of monkeys of all sizes. Monkeys in Bali in Monkey Forest or in Uluwatu you have to be vigilant because they can steal your belongings at any time. In the temple, there is an audience area like Sapa or Dalat, and the Hot Spring area, the worship area. Lotus Temple is also worth going with a small path leading to the temple, the two sides are lotus pond looking peaceful.

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Monkey forest, Ubud
Lotus temple
Lotus temple

Tegallalang Rice Terrace

This terraced field is located right on the way up Batur volcano, stopping here and taking pictures is also very fun. Of course, this is just a small field area on the island but beautifully cultivated, located in the tourist area, but it is not comparable to the terraced fields in Mu Cang Chai with mountain ranges, vast fields. In addition to the rice fields, there are a few coconut trees that adorn the beauty here, sit in a cafe and see the rice fields is an experience worthwhile.

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Ubud Town with peaceful terraced fields
ubud rice fields
Ubud rice fields

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Temple of Pura Tirta Empul and Gunung Kawi

These two temples are located quite close to each other, the most prominent is still the thousand-year-old Pura Tirta Empul with a sacred rectangular bathing pool containing pure water taken from the underground water from the bottom which is the spring water flowing from the mountain lake. Legend has it that the god Indra created this sacred water to heal the people after the battle between the god Indra and Mayadanawa make the source of water was poisoned. The people of Bali come here to immerse themselves in the water with the desire to be cured and refreshed.

Pura Tirta Empul
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Indonesia, Hindu people in Holy Spring Water Pool at Pura Tirta Empul Temple by documentary travel photographer Matthew Williams-Ellis

Pura Tirta Empul | bali travel blog
Pura Tirta Empul
Pray at Pura Tirta Empul | bali guide

To enter Pura Tirta Empul or Gunung Kawi temple, you have to wrap Sarong around your body, especially Tirta Empul, it is a must to show respect to the gods. Admission to Tirta Empul is free and the ticket to Gunung Kawi is IDR 20,000. An experience not to be missed is bathing at Tirta Empul, although the water is a bit cold at first, but the more you shower, the heavier things are washed out of your soul!

Gunung Kawi | bali guide

Pura Besakih

This is the largest and most sacred temple in Bali, also known as the Mother Temple, with over 30 large and small temples in it. Besakih Temple is located right on the volcano Agung, and all Balinese people when sleeping head their heads towards this volcano. In 1963 a volcanic eruption from Agung and lava killed thousands of people, but that lava flow stopped flowing when it reached the foot of the temple, the people of Bali claim it was divine tolerance.

The mother temple: Besakih
Besakih Temple | bali guide

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Mount Batur

The distance to Batur volcano is quite far and usually you can only see Batur from afar because it will take a whole day to trekking this volcano. The standing area to watch is on par with the volcanic surface, so you will have to drive through many steep passes to get here, the climate is a bit chilly but very pleasant. In addition to Mount Batur, there is also a beautiful Danau Batur lake nearby with charming scenery, just like the natural ones found in temperate regions such as Mount Alishan in Taiwan, or the region near Lucerne in Switzerland.

The best time to go to Bali is in May to October
Sacred Mount Batur
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Kuta and Seminyak

Beaches, bars in Seminyak

Kuta beach bali surfing
Kuta beach bali surfing | bali guide blog

If Ubud is the representative of Bali culture and holiness, Kuta and Seminyak are dining venues with lots of beautiful, bustling and vibrant bars, restaurants and beaches. You can stay at a hotel or a apartment near the beach, walk around the street during the day, super cool clothing and souvenir shops, afternoon drive to the beach and gather at the bars in the evening, enjoy delicious food in Bali. This is the area for people who love just beach and party.

kuta beach-places to stay when coming to bali in the first time8
Kuta Beach
seminyak-beach-resort in bali-places to stay when coming to bali in the first time1
Seminyak beach | bali guide blog

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Tanah Lot Temple

You should come to this temple before noon because after that time the tide rises and you will not be able to walk to the temple in the middle of the sea. Admission fee is IDR 30.000, the temple area is quite large for a half day tour. The best thing to do is to stand on high cliffs and look down at the waves clashing rocks, to see why Western backpackers like to surf in Bali so much. If you stay at the hotel near the Kuta beach, the travel distance to Tanah Lot is not too far.

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The southernmost part of the Island – Uluwatu and Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua-place to stay when coming to bali in the first time1
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This is the concentration area of ​​most of Bali’s luxury resorts and hotels. There is a main road leading to Nusa Dua and on that road will have the entrance gate of the whole resort located. You can ride comfortably, if you do not stay in any resort, when you come here just tell the road guard that I came here to swim, they will let you enter. The road will lead to a pretty and bustling public beach. Of course the most beautiful beaches are owned by resorts. It seems that the coastal restaurants of the resort also only serve guests staying in these resorts.

Nusa Dua-place to stay when coming to bali in the first time6
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Rock Bar and the west beach of Bali

Voted one of the 10 most beautiful sunset bars in the world with rocky beaches and waves hitting the sandy beach that looking great. To get to the Rock Bar you go in the opposite direction of Nusa Dua, the roads are mostly highways and streets so it is very easy to go. If you do not want to enter the Bar, you can follow the road through AYANA Resort and Spa BALI – the resort owner of Rock Bar – to reach the beach. Here you will be standing on the cliff overlooking the beach, far away is Rock Bar and watching the sunset here, there is no need to say, absolutely stunning ^^!

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Rock bar at sunset

Blue Point Beach

This is a famous swimming beach and windsurfing beach near Uluwatu and the cliffs on either side. The path to the beach make me felt like going through a large cave and walking to the door of paradise.

Blue point beach
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Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is located at the end of southwestern Bali island, so the way out here is also very far away. Tickets to the temple is 30.000 IDR, buy tickets and stepping in the cliff area up to nearly 100 meters high above the sea level. I came here when it was almost sunset, tired of driving and afraid of the disappearance of the sun god, but when I arrived, I focused on taking photos of the sunset, so I did not have time to visit much. But the photo is taken is worth it!

Uluwatu temple with its very unique location. The temple located on the 100 meters high cliffs abvoe sea level. | bali travel guide
Uluwatu at sunset
bali sunset bali travel blog 2
Stunning sunset at Uluwatu temple. | bali travel guide

Bali is a few places I want to go back to, want to living here when I feel grown up. My dream is as simple as Elizabeth Gilbert, with a small house among green terraced fields with a comfortable workspace, cycling on tree-lined roads in the morning, immerse myself in the beautiful beaches in the afternoon and enjoy the stunning scenery of Bali! One thing that strongly carries my personal opinion when experiencing Bali is that, if you come to Bali, please do not rent a car that will take you all day, take you to the destination and pick you up again. Let’s ride a motorbike, that’s all ^ _ ^!

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Tegalalang Rice Terrace
Tegalalang Rice Terrace

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