If you think Singapore has nothing but man-made structures and just a tiny place? The following article will make you “think” again! Yes, I’m talking about an island right next to the prosperous Singapore, Pulau Ubin. So, what’s hot on Pulau Ubin island? Let’s check out our Pulau Ubin blog with the fullest Pulau Ubin travel guide (Pulau Ubin guide) and suggested 1 perfect day trip on Pulau Ubin (Pulau Ubin one day trip) from how to get to Pulau Ubin from Singapore, best things to do to… to find out the answer!

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Pristine nature

Green nature | pulau ubin blog
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Pulau Ubin — Nature reserve right next to modern Singapore!

When referring to Singapore, everyone immediately will think of a modern place with towering skyscrapers or full of big shopping malls, but few know that next to a flashy Singapore is a natural island, wild and extremely beautiful. It is Pulau Ubin Island, where you can go back in time to the years of the last century. Currently on the island there are about 200 residents working in agriculture, quarrying or serving tourists on weekends.

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Peaceful scenery

Pulau Ubin is shaped like a boomerang with an area of ​​about 10.2 km2. The island is located in the northeast of the main island of Singapore, belong Johor Strait and is home to less than 100 households. Although located relatively close to the mainland, but coming to Pulau Ubin you will have the feeling of discovering an old Singapore. Most of the land on the island is still lush forests and many houses on the island still have traces of old architecture. A few years ago, Pulau Ubin still had no electricity and residents on the island mainly used power generators, because the cost of pulling electricity to the island was too much. However, in recent years, people on the island have been using electricity from the solar electric system.

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A house on the island | pulau ubin guide

Pulau Ubin travel guide: How to get to Pulau Ubin island?

  • You take the bus No. 02 or 29 to Changi Village. These buses are very close to MRT stations and the area is crowded with people.
Bus 29
Bus 29 operating time | pulau ubin guide
  • Changi Point Ferry Terminal (Address: 51 Lor Bekukong, Singapore 499172 / Phone: +65 6542 7944) is the last station of Bus 02, you take the boat here to Pulau Ubin, enough 12 people the ferry will running. The bus travel time takes about 20 minutes.
  • Taking a boat from Changi Point Ferry Terminal to Pulau Ubin Island only takes about 5 minutes at the cost of S$3/1 one way, if you bring a private bike, the fee will be S$2/bike.
  • When traveling in Singapore, I bought a Nets Flashpay card on Klook to use the subway and bus here. Very convenient, guys. Because traffic in Singapore connected together very synchronously. So I recommend that you buy this card in advance through Klook to take the initiative in travel and have a better price.


Changi Point Ferry Terminal

Pulau Ubin blog and Pulau Ubin guide: What to do in Pulau Ubin Island in a day (Pulau Ubin one day trip)

Pulau Ubin map

The island’s name means “granite island” – this is not surprising if you see many granite quarries on the island. Located in the northeastern sea of ​​Singapore, this offshore island has been developed into a nature park. Most of the island’s natural environment is preserved and visitors can immerse themselves in the wild community atmosphere surrounded by granite quarries, coconut and rubber plantations, mangrove forests, shrimp lagoon and small “kelong” bungalows used exclusively for traditional fishing.

Pulau Ubin welcome gate

Green nature space

Mangrove forest
Kelong houses
Peaceful life
Inside kelong fish farm | pulau ubin guide

A portrait Pulau Ubin boat operator. | pulau ubin travel guide

To enjoy the fresh natural air here, you can choose between walking or cycling or both. Bicycle rental is available in the village. There are about 3 bicycle rental shops here, you can bargain for rental price. When I went to the first shop, they said $10/bike, but when I went to the second shop, it was only $5/bicycle. The cycling trails have been upgraded with facilities such as roadside stops and restrooms. Here you can also make an adventure trip to discover the nature or organize an overnight camping, listen to birds singing, photograph wildlife, kayaking, fishing, fly a kite, hiking …

Book now: Ubin Biking Adventure.

Bike rental shop | pulau ubin travel guide

Kayaking | pulau ubin travel guide

People here still live in old wooden houses with sheet metal roofs. Cooking with wood stoves, not using modern equipment such as motorbikes, refrigerators … When I asked why they not use gas stoves to cook, the elders here said they had lived like that for decades, firewood in the forest is too much, no need to use gas stove, electric stove for wasting.

Tree-lined trail through the forest.
A house with the sheet metal roof next to the sea. | pulau ubin blog

Come to Pulau Ubin, you should not miss the Chek Jawa area, a safe haven for many marine creatures such as sam and echinoderms – a round animal belonging to the starfish family. The coast is also home to green seaweed vegetation, anemones, coral reefs as well as colorful marine life. You can leisurely cycling in tree-lined trails, along both sides of the road always hide countless surprises waiting for you to discover. At noon you can eat, rest in a restaurant on the island. If you want you can also visit a few households. These people are mostly very friendly and open, they can tell you many interesting stories about life here. At night, you can camp with your family on the island. If you are used to the hustle and bustle of daily life, spend one night sleeping under the starry sky, with the four sides are mountains and forests with the murmur of the sea breeze, the sound of insects are strange experiences you should try.

Pulau Ubin – Chek Jawa
Jetty in the middle of the island’s sea, located in Chek Jawa.| pulau ubin blog

Camping in Pulau Ubin | pulau ubin one day trip

Pulau Ubin will be an ideal destination for those who love and want to explore the fresh, peaceful and true nature. Staying away from bustling city streets, putting aside modern technology for a few hours to experience a slow life is also good! Hope Pulau Ubin will be a beautiful experience for your trip to Singapore.

Wooden path through the mangrove forest.

Pulau Ubin blog: Pocket tips for those who plan to go to Pulau Ubin

Celestial Ubin Beach Resort Singapore | pulau ubin one day trip
  • Although there is a simple and without modern technology, there is no shortage of travel services such as camping, turtle conservation coastline zone, spas, resorts …
  • If you are wondering where to stay, you might consider Celestial Resort on the southwestern shore of the island or choose to stay at a local house in the last village called “kampong” (in Malay language means “village”).
  • 2 Jetstar and Tiger Airways airlines landed at Terminals 1 and 2 (at Changi airport) so it is very convenient to travel by subway (MRT).
  • The center of the island is full of mangroves. If you’re planning on camping, check out the northern part of the island.
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