When coming to Big Lagoon, you can choose to hire the kayak. If those who are confident with “health over type B” can swim into the place, it is so cool. However, the water here is very clear and turquoise, so anyone who shoots well will get a picture like a climbing kayak in the air.

Kayaking -Tour-A. Image credit: palawan travel blog.

Before getting on the boat, please ask the guide to rent more water-proof shoes as you have to walk through coral reefs when visiting. Walking on barefoot will be easy to hurt, you do not regret the money for this section.

Sunset at El Nido
Sunset at El Nido
Dinner at the El Nido beach
Dinner at the El Nido beach

Dinner: Along the beach and marina, there are many local restaurants. You remember to go before 17:30 PM to enjoy your dinner during the sunset. In the town, there is an attractive roasted chicken and pork restaurant, very close to the morning bakery, you remember to try because the taste of barbecue is very delicious.

Day 3: El Nido – Tour C (island) – turn back to Puerto Princesa.

After a day for tour A, we decided to try tour C. Like tour A, you should prepare more food. Tour C will guide you to Helicopter Island, Secret Beach, Matinloc Temple, Star Beach.

Helicopter Island
Helicopter Island. Image credit: palawan travel blog.
Hidden Beach, Tour-C
Hidden Beach, Tour-C
Matinloc Shrine -Tour-C. Image credit: palawan travel blog.
Lunch on tour – Tour-C

On the way to the hotel, you must eat dinner with grilled chicken which is super delicious in the town. The car is stopped along the way for the driver to eat but the barbecue is still better than that, so just wait to eat this dish. El Nido has only this chicken shop so you just ask local people the direction.

A grilled chicken shop on the way to hotel
A grilled chicken shop on the way to the hotel

The driver will pick up at your hotel to Puerto Princesa, get to the city at midnight, check in and have a rest.

Day 4: Puerto Princesa – Honda Bay Tour & Cowrie Island.

After a night of rest, we continued our journey in Puerto Princesa. Some small fun facts for those who first heard of this name, Puerto Princesa, the capital of Pawan. This place was called “city in the forest” because the mountains, the sea surrounded the city makes a charming view. In general, it will be like in El Nido cause as you know, the Philippines is formed from countless small islands so mostly activities here is to visit the islands and lie on the white sand beaches with the blue sea.

Island hopping at Honda Bay
Island hopping at Honda Bay

To Puerto Princesa, you definitely have to try diving in Honda bay once time. The bay is covered by large coral reefs with smooth white sand. The water here is very clear so you also see the small fish swimming under the sea. Honda bay has many islands but only a few are open to visitors such as Luli, Starfish, Cowrie.

Cowrie Island
Cowrie Island. Image by: palawan itinerary 6 days blog.

Cowrie Island

Cowrie is an island of countless kinds of sea snails. It seems to be a large island but Cowrie Island is only an area like an oasis. However, this oasis is quite cute with some pretty tents. Surrounding is the sea and people can rest and take pictures after diving.

Starfish is home to a large, red starfish that looks very eye-catching.


Luli Island is also quite special, you will only see the island when the tide is down.

Luli Island Image by: palawan itinerary 6 days blog.
Luli Island. Image by: palawan itinerary 6 days blog.

Like other islands, the sea is very green and clear, people here are very conscious of protecting the environment. Thus, if you come here to visit, you should also have the awareness of preservation.

Dinner: Badjao Seafront Restaurant
Address: Aabueg road, Puerto Princesa, 5300 Palawan, Philippines
Opening: 10:00 – 23:00
Phone: +63 48 433 9912

Badjao Seafront Restaurant
Badjao Seafront Restaurant.

After a day of sailing, we recharge with a luxury seafood dinner. Highly recommend this restaurant because the seafood is very delicious, left some Chinese cooked food. The decoration is also quite cozy and beautiful.

Badjao Seafront Restaurant
Inside Badjao Seafront Restaurant
Dinner with seafood at Badjao
Dinner with seafood
Badjao Crab. Image by: palawan itinerary 6 days blog.

If you go in groups, you should book in advance because quite crowded. The restaurant is slightly hidden but famous. Let’s call in advance for being convenient and quick.

Day 5: Puerto Princesa – Underground River Tour (UNESCO Sites)

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park
The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

The Underground River is one of the pride of Puerto Princesa. It is recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage, one of the seven new wonders of the world. With a length of 8.2 km, this underground river is the longest underground river in the world. Underground River flows through the mountains, caves and finally into the East Sea. This river belongs to the National Park. There are over 800 plants and animals, including about 300 plant species, 195 species of precious birds, 30 species of mammals, 19 species of reptiles and 8 species of rare bats.

Philippines- puerto princesa underground river
Puerto Princesa underground river
Underground River tour
Underground River tour
Underground River tour Photo by: palawan itinerary blog.
Photo by: palawan itinerary blog.

Underground River tour

When visiting the Underground River, we were given an audio guide to listen to the demo. A great note is that Absolutely NO TAKING PHOTO, TALKING, OR MAKING NOISE while visiting cause inside the cave is home to thousands of bats. If any noise is caused, it will be dangerous for both visitors and living organisms in the cave.

26.800m Ziplines
Amazing moment during trying Zipline
An amazing moment during trying Zipline
Las Cabanas beach zipline at El Nido, Palawan
Las Cabanas beach zipline at El Nido, Palawan

If you want to try strong feelings, you can Ziplines, swinging from side to side across the total length of 800m. However, this part will not include the Underground River tour and it will have additional fees.

Dinner: Kinabuch Grills and Bar
Address: 369, Rizal Ave, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines
Opening: 17:00 – 01:00AM
Phone: +63 48 434 5194

Kinabuch Grills and Bar
Kinabuch Grills and Bar. Photo by: palawan itinerary blog.

Kinabuch Grills and Bar

Kinabuch Grills and Bar
Dinner at Kinabuch Grills and Bar

People call it as a bar but it seems to be like a restaurant. This one is probably the biggest restaurant in town so it’s extremely crowded. The seats should be booked in advance. You may wait for food in a long time because of many guests but it is worth to wait, every dish is very fresh. Especially you remember to try Palawan specialties, that is Green Mango Shake.

Day 6: Puerto Princesa – Manila – come back Sai Gon.

A small store at Puerto Princesa
A small store at Puerto Princesa



We spend the last morning on wandering in supermarkets and markets, resting before returning to Manila. Since moving and swimming several days before, we spend more time resting. Puerto Princesa is a bit quiet city, still quite primitive and slightly rural.

El Nido-palawan-philippines4

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