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So you’ve had your fill of the city’s best char siu and har gow and you’re ready to find a piece of Hong Kong to bring back with you (other than the extra pounds, that is). Here are 10 souvenirs you’ll want to bring home to remind you of you unforgettable trip to the East. These are top 10 Hong Kong souvenir items you must-have.

hongkong shoes souvenir


hongkong shoes souvenir

1. Tea

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In Chinese culture, tea represents so much more than just a drink. Tea shops are small shops lined from floor to ceiling with every kind of tea their passionate owners can pack in. Try some of the traditional pu’er, jasmine, or oolong (or a deep flavourful tea, iron Buddha tieguanyin) from one of these famous shops. For extra bonus points, pair it with a pretty tea set from one of the local department stores or markets.

2. Chinese Art

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Oriental art has made its way into Western culture as an exotic addition to many homes. Bring some culture into yours with an oriental vase from Yue Hwa or Tsim Sha Tsui or a nice jade sculpture from the Chinese Arts and Crafts. For something more affordable, pick up a Chinese painting when you visit Stanley.

Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium 裕華國貨
301-309 Nathan Rd Kowloon Hong Kong

Chinese Arts & Crafts 中藝
Pacific Place, 88 Queensway Central and Western District Hong Kong

3. Name Seal

Photo jason_kahim
Photo jason_kahim

Another great gift idea for someone is a custom chop, or a heavy stone stamp with their very own (Chinese) name carved into it. Nothing will make them feel more important than being able to stamp their name onto an official document! Make your way to Man Wa Street in Sheung Wan and choose one of the many street seal makers to make your inimitable souvenir.

4. Knockoffs

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You cannot visit Hong Kong without making a trip to one of the local markets. Locals and tourists alike haggle for prices with shouting vendors for everything from clothes to electronics to souvenirs. You can try your hand at haggling for a Gucci (or “Gacci”) knockoff in the Temple Street or at Ladies Market or for Air Jordans in Fa Yuen Street, also known as the Sneaker Street (“bohai gai”) in Mong Kok.

Temple Street Night Market 廟街夜市場
Temple St Hong Kong

Ladies’ Market 女人街
1A-91A Tung Choi St Hong Kong

Sneakers’ Market 波鞋街
Fa Yuen St Hong Kong

5. Market Knick-knacks

Photo michaelchan93
Photo michaelchan93

While you’re lost in the bustle of the markets, you might want to browse some of their Hong Kong souvenirs. And you don’t need to just get the typical “I <3 Hong Kong” t-shirts: some nicer souvenirs include boxed chopsticks sets or embroidered placemats. If quirkier items are your thing, look for dim sum steamer fridge magnets or humorously translated Engrish signs in Stanley Market or Temple Street.

6. Hong Kong Snacks

Photo ipohmotormouth
Photo ipohmotormouth

You’ll have to carefully check the regulations on bringing food into your home country, but you can get some tasty — or at least unique — Asian snacks in Hong Kong if edibles are your idea of a great souvenir. If you like specialty items, dried goods such as seafood, mushrooms and herbal medicines can be found on Des Voeux Road West.

Otherwise, most malls and even side streets have an Aji Ichiban or a candy or snack stall where you can buy fruit jellies, mocha, seaweed, pork floss and much more.

7. Hong Kong Designs

Photo goodsofdesire
Photo goodsofdesire

From clothes to accessories to housewares, G.O.D. Goods of Desire started off as a small retail shop and is now well known in town for its Hong Kong-themed products. If you are hunting for gifts like hanging junk boat decorations, rickshaw bookmarks and even Hong Kong wrapping paper, Jing-a-ling will have what you’re looking for. Another pop-up shop, 13th Element, uses iconic photographs of Hong Kong to design coasters, jewelry, wine glass charms and more.

G.O.D. 住好啲
G/F & 1/F, 48 Hollywood Rd (at Graham St) Central and Western District Hong Kong

CL123, No. 133-134 (Connaught Road West,) Hong Kong., AR United States

8. Tomica Cars

Photo thedudesgotit
Photo thedudesgotit

These dinky cars aren’t just toys for little boys anymore. Replicas of Hong Kong double deckers, streetcars, minibuses, taxis (green, red and blue!) are considered collector’s items and are often put in display cases instead. Log-On has them but you can also out venture out to Fuk Wing Street (aka Toy Street) in Sham Shui Po or the Wan Chai market to check out the bigger selections available there.

B/F, Times Square, 1 Matheson St Hong Kong

9. Custom Clothing

Photo mousecly
Photo mousecly

Many people venture across the border to Shenzhen for inexpensive custom-made clothing nowadays, but that can be intimidating for first-time tourists, especially as you’ll need to get a visa to enter China. Instead, try one of the custom tailors on this list. If you want to feel like a superstar and want the best, try W. W. Chan & Sons or Linva Tailors in Central.

W.W. Chan & Sons Tailoring
94 Nathan st. Hong Kong

W.W. Chan & Sons Tailor Ltd.
Unit B, 8/F. Entertainment Building, 30 Queen’s Road Central Central and Western District Hong Kong

Linva Tailor
Cochrane Street (Lyndhurst Terrace) Hong Kong

10. Traditional Clothing

Photo jackiekaiellis
Photo jackiekaiellis

Speaking of custom-made clothing, you may also want a cheongsam or qipao, the traditional fitted Chinese dress made mainstream by Western celebrities such as Kate Moss, Nicole Kidman, Victoria Beckham, and even Katy Perry. Less common is the Mao suit, the men’s traditional dress, but you can still see them during Chinese New Year celebrations in Hong Kong.

For something more luxe yet modern, Shanghai Tang or Blanc de Chine will outfit you in Oriental clothing that will make you feel like a million bucks (and maybe cost nearly that much!)

Shanghai Tang 上海灘
1 Duddell St Central and Western District Hong Kong

Blanc de Chine
Shop 218-221, The Landmark Central and Western District Hong Kong

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