santorini island photo, greece

The infinite horizon of white and blue is brought back even in my dream after my trip to Santorini (Greece).

1 Santorini hotel view

We woke up at 7h a.m. Outside the window appeared a beautiful cloudless blue sky though it was pretty cold. Just forget about it because the best part was waiting for you. Let’s head out on the beach and say hello to the dawn – a good day had come. It was 25/10/2015, a nice Sunday – the only day that has 25 hours in Europe.

2 Santorini meal on the beach

The sun came up and the gentle breeze was blowing. We had such a most liberating, enjoyable and tastetful meal in that peaceful scene.

3 Santorini Island

Santorini is an upside down C-shape island. In the early morning, we caught the bus to the South for to set our eyes on the black beach, red beach and furthermore, the Faros lighthouse. We dropped into a seaside restaurant and ate up a brunch of wine, northern red snapper, salad with cheese and olive for €10. During the time they prepared our food, we walked down to the beach to pick up some famed black volcanic rock as souvenirs.

4 Santorini Fira village

We had set up a plan like this. In the morning, we spent time in Akrotini village. Afterwards, we came back to the center village – Fira in the afternoon and wandered around Imerovigli village. When it got darker, we headed out to Oia village by bus in order to admire the glorious sunset. After having breakfast on the black beach, we caught the bus again to be back to the center. During the trip, the curly C-shape of the island, the mountain slope with volcanic track, white buildings and the hypnotizing blue of water there will carve into your mind forever. Here is a photo of Fira village.

5 Santorini cafe

A splendid view of the sea from the cafe.

6 Santorini Eastern coastal path

The Eastern coastal path is even spectacular than what we can see in photo: white-painted, pebbled and used only for walking. This path of 2.5 in width connects all the little houses that leaned against the mountain cliffs. The stairs, white gates and cafe made up the whole picturesque heaven.

7 Santorini in white and blue

The dominant colors of this island are white and blue, which are much more sparkling in the glow of sunshine.

8 Santorini stairs and flowers

The elegant stairs decorated with colorful flower blossom.

9 Santorini flower pots on the wall

Small flower pots on the wall.

10 Santorini Oia village

Oia was our ultimate destination. It is known as the best place to enjoy sunset. We reached the village at 16h p.m, hung around the rock stairs, stood under the lovely confetti and admired the famous white and blue houses.

11 Waiting for sunset in Santorini

Waiting for sunset in silence.

12 Santorini sunset

The sun went down in a breath-taking and elegant way. There was no wider, more seductive horizon than that of Santorini in this world. Last rays of sunshine lit up the whole world for the very last seconds, before the island sucked up in the last glow of sunset.

How to get to Santorini?

From Athen (Greece), it takes 45 minutes to reach the island by airplane. Schedule and ticket price are up to season and time spot. It is recommended to draw a plan early, you may save money and pay only €25. We had to book the tickets in the last minute due to bad weather, so it took us 58. A more popular mean of transportation is ferry. It takes 7 hours to get there from Pireaus harbor. Price is €37-42 per ticket, but the schedule depends on weather conditions.

santorini island photo, greece

Travel in Santorini

If having driving license, you had better hire self-drive car or motorbike for €10/person/day. Alternative transportation is bus. Bus schedule is available in every hotels and bus stops. Bus ticket on the island are sold only by route, €1.5-2/route. Because the number of visitors waiting for bus after watching sunset is big, maybe you have to stand in queue to catch the bus from Oia to Fira. Bus assistants are all handsome and good at English.

santorini greece food

Hotel and meal

Accommodation expense is up to season. For example, price for a couple room in October is €30/night whereas that in August adds up to €130/night and you have to book in advance before half a year. There is a lot of seafood which is cooked in a way that fits Vietnamese taste. The further from Fira you buy meal, the cheaper the meal is (8-12/ meal). Another speciality food is Gyros pie which looks like bread, but rolled into a funnel-shape, filled with lamb or pork, chips, tomato. It cost €2.5-3 for a pie.

Buying souvenirs

Don’t hesitate to buy anything you really like in Santorini. It is not because only after a long time will you come back to this paradise island again, the reason is that souvenirs there are cleverly made and the shopkeepers are very easy-going though the price may be pretty high.

"Travel and sometimes you get lost, but you will find yourself." With, no worry about getting lost any more :-) I feel free to take a big trip to find myself now <3


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